16" Mini Apollo

SKU: 2218

  • Our most compact Apollo

  • Fits into a backpack or gear bag

  • Collapses in seconds

  • No adapter ring required

  • Ideal hair or accent light

  • Apollo Modifier

  • Removable Diffusion Panel



Sets up in seconds.
The convenience of an umbrella meets the control of a softbox. Built on an umbrella frame, the Apollo light modifiers sets up in seconds to create the best portable softbox on the market.

Perfect for on location, home studio, or studio on the go.
No additional parts, no need for a speedring, and no extra pieces to lug around. The Apollo series takes simplicity to a whole new level. opening up just like an umbrella and set up in seconds making them perfect for any on-location photographer.

Fits into a backpack.
Collapsing to only 17" long, this unit easily fits into most backpacks or gear bags. It's compact size makes for an ideal hair light or accent light.

Perfectly paired with speedlites.
The Apollo light modifier is a perfect pair with speedlites offering soft box control with the set up ease of an umbrella. An optional 5015 Shoe Mount bracket is required to mount the speedlite and Apollo onto a light stand with full tilting capability.

Fits virtually all compact studio lights.
No need for an adapter ring as virtually all style studio lights come standard with an umbrella receptacle to attach the Apollo light modifier.

104-degree light spread.
A perfect accent light or hair light, this unit is only 16" x 16" in size and provides 104-degrees of light spread allowing control of where exactly the light falls.

Specular highlights.
Face the light forward through the white diffusion front for specular highlights. Specular highlights will provide a "hot spot" on your subject with a greater fall off from highlights to shadows.

Soft, even light.
For a softer and more even light, an optional 2875 reflector plate may be purchased. This in-expensive bracket acts as a mirror bouncing the light back towards the back of the Halo light modifier resulting. This end result is your subject being very evenly light with just a gradual fall off from highlight to shadow. This is the same affect is using a softbox with the internal baffle and outer diffusion panel both in place.

Pure color.
Fabrics are pure in color so the color temperature going into the fabric is the same color temperature coming back out.

Optional centering bracket.
For larger speedlites, an optional L-Centering bracket is available (8015). This bracket will center your flash directly inside the mini Apollo so it does not touch the top of the light modifier.

Will it read TTL?
A common question; however, more than 90% of the time TTL can be read through the diffusion front of this Apollo.


Additional Info


SKU: 2218
US Patent No. : US D686,772 S
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Care Instructions: Spot clean with mild (non bleach) soap, air dry.
Item Length: 13.50 in. / 34.29 cm
Item Width: 17.50 in. / 44.45 cm
Item Height: 17.50 in. / 44.45 cm
Item Weight: 0.4 lbs. / 0.2 kg
Materials: Fiberglass, Nylon, Steel
Packaged Length: 23.50 in. / 59.69 cm
Packaged Width: 3.75 in. / 9.53 cm
Packaged Height: 3.75 in. / 9.53 cm
Packaged Weight: 1.1 lbs. / 0.5 kg
Reflective Color: Silver
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop
Mount Type: Umbrella receptacle
Maximum Watts: 300W

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