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20" Digitent

SKU: 305

Selling items online? Obtain professional quality images using this simple Digitent. Just place your object inside the diffused tent and instantly obtain glare-free images.

  • 20" DigiTent diffusion tent

  • Removable diffusion panel

  • Removable black background

  • Removavle white background

  • Carry Case

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Westcott Basics


Ideal for small to mid-sized objects.
The Digitent is designed to provide glare-free images of highly reflective objects such as electronics or jewelry. By placing the object inside the self-enclosed diffusion box, surrounding light is softened while providing a neutral background behind the object. Digitents collapse to 1/3 their open size and include a black and white backdrop along with protective travel case.

SKU: 305
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Care Instructions: Spot clean by hand with non-bleach laundry detergent.
Item Length: 18.00 in. / 45.72 cm
Item Width: 21.75 in. / 55.25 cm
Item Height: 16.00 in. / 40.64 cm
Item Weight: 1.5 lbs. / 0.7 kg
Materials: Double-Laminated Cloth
Packaged Length: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Packaged Width: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Packaged Height: 4.00 in. / 10.16 cm
Packaged Weight: 2.0 lbs. / 0.9 kg
Collapsed Length: 8.50 in. / 21.59 cm
Collapsed Width: 8.50 in. / 21.59 cm
Collapsed Height: 1.50 in. / 3.81 cm
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop

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