54" x 72" Pro Shallow Softbox

SKU: 4839

  • Ideal when paired with fluorescents & speedlites

  • 5-year warranty

  • Offers a greater punch of light

  • Great for working in tight spaces

  • Silver interior provides maximum light output

  • 750-watt maximum

  • Softbox

  • Removable Outer Diffusion Fabric

  • Assembly Rods

  • Protective Carry Case

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1/4-Stop Front Diffusion.
Designed to be a perfect fit with our Spiderlite TD series, this softbox features a 1/4-stop front diffusion panel compared to a standard full-stop diffusion panel. When combined with the soft diffused nature of the fluorescent lamps, it provides just enough diffusion to make the light soft while still offering a punch of light to create depth and dimension with specular highlights.

Shallow depth.
The 30% reduction in depth compared to a standard softbox provides a greater punch of light.

Perfect for small spaces.
Due to the shallow nature of this softbox, it is ideal when working in cramped conditions.

Perfect with fluorescents.
This softbox provides a beautiful light source when paired with fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps are diffused in nature and therefore need less room for light to travel to become diffused and soft in nature.

Built to last.
The Westcott softbox is rate highest in the industry for high-quality components and rugged design. The durable shell and single-layer heat-shield fabric offer heat resistance up to 750 watts.

Solid steel assembly rod.
Soft box rods are designed to flex and are constructed from solid steel.

Durable corners.
The weakest area of a softbox are the corners where the rods are placed. Therefore, Westcott provides a double layer of loop tape over this section to protect against softbox rods protruding through the fabric.

Five-year warranty.
We are so confident in the construction of our softboxes, we back them with a five-year warranty.

Removable outer diffusion.
A wide 2" layer of look tape allows the front diffusion panel to either be recessed in for more direction and control or placed flush with the edge of the softbox for a wider lighter spread. In addition, this wide loop tape area provides for the attachment of accessories such as egg-crate grids.

Included carry case.
Each softbox includes a carry case with handle strap.

SKU: 4839
Warranty: Five years against manufacturing defects
Item Length: 21.00 in. / 53.34 cm
Item Width: 54.00 in. / 137.16 cm
Item Height: 71.75 in. / 182.25 cm
Item Weight: 3.1 lbs. / 1.4 kg
Materials: Nylon, Spring Steel
Packaged Length: 54.50 in. / 138.43 cm
Packaged Width: 8.75 in. / 22.23 cm
Packaged Height: 3.25 in. / 8.26 cm
Packaged Weight: 5.1 lbs. / 2.3 kg
Interior Color: Silver
Diffuser Densities: 1/4-stop
Diffuser Length: 131.40 in. / 333.76 cm
Diffuser Width: 177.80 in. / 451.61 cm
Heat Vents: Tent-style
Rod Material: Spring Steel
Rod Length: 118.70 in. / 301.50 cm
Rod Diameter: .25"
Maximum Watts: 750W

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