Wrinkle-Resistant 9' x 10' Chroma-Key Blue Backdrop

SKU: 131

  • Wrinkle-resistant heavy-duty fabric

  • Matte fabric ensures no reflections

  • Perfect for high-key images

  • Pole pocket and grommets for easy hanging

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Product Details

Wrinkle-resistant fabric
Fabrics are constructed of a heavy-duty fabric that is wrinkle resistant. This is ideal for anyone doing on-location photography as the backdrop can be quickly pulled from any bag and set up instantly with no wrinkles.

No reflections
Due to the matte nature of this fabric, it is virtually reflection free making it a breeze to light.

Easy hanging
A 2" top rod pocket and grommets allow for easy hanging.

Machine washable
This backdrop is machine washable on delicate cycle, cold water and tumble dry low. Please note due to the nature of the fabric, the backdrop may shrink slightly.

Included carry case
Each backdrop comes with a free heavy-duty cloth carry case.

Product Specifications


SKU: 131
UPC: 817967001311
Materials: Cotton/Polyester Blend
Care Instructions: Machine washable in cold water, delicate cycle, tumble dry low.
Warranty: 1 Year
Item Length: 120.00 in. / 304.80 cm
Item Width: 108.00 in. / 274.32 cm
Item Weight: 5.1 lbs. / 2.3 kg
Shipping Length: 16.00 in. / 40.64 cm
Shipping Width: 18.00 in. / 45.72 cm
Shipping Height: 10.00 in. / 25.40 cm
Shipping Weight: 6.0 lbs. / 2.7 kg


Backdrop Mounting: Grommets, Pole Pocket
Pattern: Green Screen, Solid
Backdrop Size: 9' x 10'

Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories

Wrinkle-Resistant Sheet Backdrops

The Most Accommodating Backdrops On The Market

Westcott Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops are constructed with an innovative cotton fabric that host a multitude of benefits for every style of photographer. Whether you are shooting high-end editorials or high school seniors, Wrinkle-Resistant backdrops will withstand whatever shooting situation you encounter.

Flawless Fabrication

For over 112 years, Westcott has worked with the finest fabric mills worldwide. These backdrops are constructed with a unique, fleece-like fabric. This material is thick and durable, yet lightweight for easy suspension and travel. Each Wrinkle-Resistant backdrop includes a 4” pole pocket and heavy-duty grommets for use with any backdrop support system. These backdrops also come standard with a carry case for storage and transportation.

Wrinkle-Resistant Sheet Backdrops
Wrinkle-Resistant Sheet Backdrops

Designed for Convenience

Say goodbye to high-maintenance backdrops for good. Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops are truly wrinkle resistant and can be stretched for a taut, seamless appeal. Thanks to cotton construction, these backdrops are machine washable on a delicate cycle. Never worry about carefully scrubbing spots, steaming, or paying for expensive dry cleaning. Simply throw these backdrops in the wash whenever necessary. This innovative matte-cotton is reflection-resistant as well, allowing for effortless lighting.

Sized for Excellence

Designed with the versatile photographer in mind, these backdrops are sized in large 9’ x 10’ and 9’ x 20’ options. Whether you’re shooting a group, close-up beauty, or a small family, you can fold, stretch, and sweep your Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops to whatever size fits.

Wrinkle-Resistant Sheet Backdrops
Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops

Place Your Subjects in Any Environment Imaginable

Take your photography to the next level by experimenting with the possibilities of Chroma Key Backdrops. Quickly extract these green and blue screens during your post-production editing for replacement with digital images, scenery, or your own images. The options are truly endless!

True Chroma Key

Chroma key compositing is a special effects technique for layering an image on a separate background. The most effective way to achieve a professional chroma key composition is to use backdrops in the true chroma range. Westcott Chroma Key Backdrops are available in both green and blue screens that fall in the precise color range, allowing for effortless extraction.

Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops
Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops

A Wide Variety of Options

Choose the size and color that you prefer. Chroma Key Backdrops are available in 3' x 4', 5' x 6', and 6' x 7' collapsible backdrops that feature effortless setup and a lifetime frame warranty. For shooting multiple subjects, there are 10' x 12' and 10' x 24' versions that feature a 6' pole pocket for easy hanging. All Chroma Key Backdrops are constructed with a wrinkle-resistant fabric and include a PVC travel case. Chroma Key Backdrops are also available for X-Drop System and in Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics.

Get Creative

Experiment with your creative talents, expand your business, and have fun. Chroma key composition allows for a wide range of uses, both in creative and professional endeavors. Specialized programs, including Westcott’s Illusions’ green screen software, not only allow for effortless transformation of your backdrops, but also teach the basics of chroma key composition along the way.

Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops