Modern Vintage 9' x 12' Bisbee Backdrop

SKU: 5505

  • Extra-heavy, non-reflective matte fabric

  • Seamless patterns embossed in thick, high-quality velour

  • Large backdrop size is perfect for group shots and full-length portraits

  • Pole pocket along one 9' edge for easy hanging

  • Includes lint cleaning cloth

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Product Details

This pure black polyester background is embellished with a deep golden pattern for a stylish take on a classic design.

Take a vintage approach to your portraits with this unique Modern Vintage backdrop representing the timeless glamour of past eras.

Lighting friendly.
Change the appearance of these amazing backdrops through simple lighting techniques. Use high-key lighting for vibrantly visible designs in your photos. Low-key lighting mutes the background for a softer "barely there" effect. Vignette your background with a background light (perfect for glamour shots).

Seamless design.
No need to worry about removing seams in post-production editing. All Westcott backdrops are seamless for effortlessly professional results.

Customized patterns.
All Modern Vintage patterns are developed exclusively by Westcott and custom-designed to be large in size. This results in the pattern being more visible to the camera and size proportionate to your subject.

Highest quality fabrics.
For over 112 years, Westcott has been working with the best fabric mills worldwide. These fabrics are custom produced to represent the highest quality available and embossed in a thick velour to ensure years of quality.

Lint cloth included.
Due to the thickness and quality used on our embossed velour, fabrics that tend to "shed" may leave lint on the backdrop. Thus, all of our modern vintage backdrops come standard with a lint cleaning cloth specifically designed to remove unwanted lint.

Wrinkle resistant.
We have carefully chosen our material to act as a wrinkle resistant fabric. Simply hang your backdrop using the included pole pocket. The weight of the fabric will pull a majority of unwanted wrinkles out. If heavy wrinkles still exist, simply steam the backside of the background paying close attention to not overheat the velour.

Standard pole pocket.
Modern Vintage backdrops are manufactured with a pole pocket for easy hanging.

While many embossed fabrics naturally reflect light, Westcott developed a system to remove unwanted reflections with a matte finish. This matte finish ensures perfect results when lighting the backdrop.

Product Specifications


SKU: 5505
Materials: Polyester, Velour
Care Instructions: Do not wash, bleach, tumble dry or dry clean. If necessary, gently spot clean fabric by hand. Velvet areas are fragile and should not be cleaned. Steam iron on reverse side only.
Warranty: 1 Year
Item Length: 144.13 in. / 366.08 cm
Item Width: 109.88 in. / 279.08 cm
Item Weight: 5.6 lbs. / 2.5 kg
Shipping Length: 16.00 in. / 40.64 cm
Shipping Width: 18.00 in. / 45.72 cm
Shipping Height: 5.00 in. / 12.70 cm
Shipping Weight: 6.9 lbs. / 3.1 kg


Backdrop Mounting: Pole Pocket
Pattern: Embossed
Backdrop Size: 9' x 12'

Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories

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Contemporary Elegance for Every Occasion

Westcott Modern Vintage backdrops are timeless and stylish. Made with the best fabrics adorned by elegant designs, these versatile studio essentials are perfect for shooting seniors, boudoir, children, fashion, and more.

Flawless Fabrication

For over 110 years, Westcott has worked with the finest fabric mills worldwide. Each Modern Vintage backdrop is constructed with seamless, ultra-heavy matte fabric that is both wrinkle and reflection-resistant. Each pattern is then printed and embossed in a thick, high-quality velour. This meticulous process ensures superior, effortless lighting. Each 9’ x 12’ backdrop includes a 4” pole pocket for use with any backdrop support system.

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Distinguished Designs

Each Modern Vintage pattern is developed exclusively by Westcott and custom-designed to be large in size, resulting in higher visibility within portraits. These designs are timeless, yet contemporary, featuring chic and unique patterns in a vast variety of colors and styles.

Vibrant Versatility

Change the appearance and mood of each backdrop through simple lighting techniques. High-key lighting results in vibrant, visible patterns within your images. Low-key lighting mutes the background for a softer "barely-there" effect. Easily vignette your background with a back light for dramatic and glamorous results. Gel your light source to adjust your backdrop’s hue. The options are endless.

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