Rapid Box Beauty Dish Designed by Joel Grimes

Ice Light 2 Video Series with Jerry Ghionis

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Westcott Flex LED

Westcott Scrim Jim Cine

Westcott Flex LED

Welcome to Westcott Lighting for Photography and Filmmaking

Westcott Flex

Pliable 1/4" thin LED mats go anywhere. Now in bi-color up to 2'.

Ice Light Continuous LED

Portable handheld LED wand with high CRI and removable battery.

Skylux Continuous LED

Dimmable daylight-balanced studio LED with silent operation.

Spiderlite TD Series

Flagship TD6 for use with daylight CFL or tungsten halogen lamps.

D5 Continuous Light

Lightweight housing CFL head that's great for video bloggers.

uLite Continuous Lighting

Compact light head with 500-watt max output in tungsten or daylight kits.


Compact and affordable studio strobe lights, kits, and accessories.

Light Modifiers

Traditional softboxes and umbrellas for all styles of photo and video.

Scrim Jim Cine Modular Framwork

Versatile, modular light control for on-set and on-location filmmakers.

Reflectors, Diffusers and Blocks

Standard reflector discs, diffusers, the Eyelighter, Omega Reflector, and more.

Speedlite Mounting Accessories

Ultra-portable off-camera flash mounts for speedlite shooters and more.

Photography Backdrops

Vast selections of backdrop sizes and styles for portraiture and green screen for video.


New Lighting Gear


Lighting Tips, Workshops, and Gear Guides