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uLite Green Screen Video Lighting Kit

SKU: 402N

  • Multi-track video editing

  • 2D layer compositing

  • Genuine 3D compositing

  • 3D particle effects

  • 3D gunfire generator

  • 3D lights and shadows

  • Over 65 effects

  • Green screen removal

  • Softboxes set up in seconds

  • Over 1000 total watts

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We have created a complete kit including everything you need (minus the video camera and computer) to superimpose a subject onto video footage. Play onstage with a rock band or travel through space as with green screen technology, the possibilities are endless.

The magic behind this whole process is the green screen. Included in this kit is a 9' x 10' extra-large green screen backdrop that is constructed from a heavy-duty wrinkle-resistant matte fabric. You simply hang this background onto any wall or background system using the included pole pocket and grommets.

Although the uLites are designed to be compact in nature, they project an extremely broad area of light coverage. Basically, you can light a larger area with a smaller box. This is achieved by placing the removable diffusion front flush with the outer edge of the softbox and the narrow depth of the softbox. This simple 2-light setup will properly light up both your subject and the 9' x 10' included backdrop.The uLite is one of the first collapsible softboxes designed to give you the amazing light quality of a traditional style softbox, without the tedious set up. With one simple push, your softbox takes form and locks into place.

The included two 500-watt lamps offer plenty of power to make sure both your subject and green screen are properly lit. Lamps are rated for over 60 hours of use.

HitFilm 1 Standard transforms your movies, expanding your film-making toolkit to include multi-track video editing, advanced 2D and 3D compositing, extensive 'film look' filters and over 65 effects. 'HitFilm's unique drag-and-drop particle effects create shockwaves, explosions and fire in seconds, while the 3D gunfire brings your action sequences to life. This kit was published in the New York Times in December of 2011. The writer described it as "a steal" for the money.

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SKU: 402N
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Care Instructions: Machine washable in cold water, delicate cycle, tumble dry low.
Packaged Length: 8.00 in. / 20.32 cm
Packaged Width: 31.00 in. / 78.74 cm
Packaged Height: 14.00 in. / 35.56 cm
Packaged Weight: 20.1 lbs. / 9.1 kg
Power Supply: 120V AC
Light Heads: 2
Socket Count: 2
Socket Base: Edison
Lamp Type: Incandescent, Halogen
Color Temperature: 3,200 °K
Power Cord: 12' Switched
Certification: CE, CSA
Size: 20-inch
Reflective Color: Silver
Interior Color: Silver
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop
Diffuser Length: 20.00 in. / 50.80 cm
Diffuser Width: 20.00 in. / 50.80 cm
Heat Vents: 2 Tent-style
Rod Diameter: 0.30 in. / 0.76 cm
Maximum Watts: 500W (uLite only)

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