Speedlite Mounts



ProGrip Speedlite Handle


The essential new tool for off-camera flash use, the ProGrip is designed for comfortable handheld placement of your flashes and modifiers. With two adjustable cold shoe brackets and an umbrella receptacle, photographers can attach and effortlessly hold both a speedlite, a trigger, and an umbrella or Apollo in one hand. This ingenious speedlite handle is also compatible with the Triple Threat, for multiple speedlite mounting.

Triple Threat

Extremely popular among speedlite photographers, the Triple Threat speedlite bracket gives you the ability to mount up to three speedlites within your favorite modifier. Three adjustable cold shoe brackets are compatible with virtually all flashes and speedlite triggers. The Triple Threat also features an umbrella receptacle and light stand thread for effortless mounting with a variety of modifiers and stands.

Triple Threat Bracket