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Magic Slipper

SKU: 2220

  • All-metal construction

  • Mount larger softboxes

  • 360-degree rotation

  • Attach a receiver & battery

  • Fits virtually all speedlites

  • Base Plate & Hardware

  • Rotating Adapter Ring

  • Cold Shoe

  • Light Stud

  • Tilter Bracket



Built to last.
The Magic Slipper is designed for the true Pro that requires strength and durability in their gear. Able to take a beating, this unit is constructed of all-metal and ideal for anyone who travels with their equipment.

Finally, mount a large softbox with ease!
Most speedlite modifier systems are only able to house very small or lightweight softboxes. The Magic Slipper is designed to hold up to a 5' Octabank. Finally have confidence that your mounting system is as powerful as your speedlite!

The all-in-one system.
This all-in-one solution enables the mounting of a speedlite, radio slave and battery onto one compact unit that can be directly mounted onto any light stand.

Universal adapter ring.
Mount a strip, octagonal or rectangular softbox using the universal adapter ring. (Will fit other standard brand softboxes such as: Photoflex and Chimera. Please note this DOES NOT work with a Larson softbox as well as some other off-brand names.)

Rotate 360-degrees.
Rotate your strip, octagonal or rectangular softbox 360-degree. Lock into place using the lock-down turn knob.

Yes, an umbrella will work too.
Have an umbrella? No problem. This Magic Slipper system is designed to include an umbrella mounting taking up to a standard 8mm umbrella shaft.

A home for everything.
Designed to fit everything, can you also easily attach a received and batter onto the magic slipper putting everything on one convenient system you can easily store and take anywhere.

Fits virtually all speedlites.
With the included shoe mount bracket, the Magic Slipper system fits virtually all style speedlites include the Quantum Q-Flash.

Included tilter bracket.
Quickly and easily attached this system onto any light stand using the included tilter bracket with additional umbrella mount.

Bruce Dorn Select product.
This product is a Bruce Dorn Select product known for it's quality and sleek design. Bruce Dorn is a Canon Explorer of Light designing numerous products for the photo and film industry as well as an award-winning and highly recognized photographer and teacher.

Additional Info


SKU: 2220
Materials: Aluminum
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Item Length: 8.50 in. / 21.59 cm
Item Width: 7.25 in. / 18.42 cm
Item Height: 15.50 in. / 39.37 cm
Item Weight: 3.1 lbs. / 1.4 kg
Packaged Length: 10.00 in. / 25.40 cm
Packaged Width: 10.00 in. / 25.40 cm
Packaged Height: 10.00 in. / 25.40 cm
Packaged Weight: 4.0 lbs. / 1.8 kg

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