Background Support Cross Bar & Clips

SKU: 9017

  • 10.5' or 7' width

  • Mount two backgrounds from one system

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Product Details

Two backgrounds, one system.
Mount two backdrops to an existing 9014 support system by adding this additional background cross bar.

Various pole lengths.
A three-section cross bar can extend to 10.5' using all three sections or 7' using only two sections.

Simple set up.
Simply insert the post clips onto the light stands telescoping sections. Lock into place and set your background pole on top.

Secure into place.
The two screw knobs allow you to lock the cross bar into place.

Product Specifications


SKU: 9017
Warranty: 1 Year
Item Weight: 4.0 lbs. / 1.8 kg
Shipping Length: 7.00 in. / 17.78 cm
Shipping Width: 45.00 in. / 114.30 cm
Shipping Height: 6.00 in. / 15.24 cm
Materials: Aluminum

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