Collapsible 5' x 6' Chroma-Key Blue/Green Backdrop

SKU: 5686

  • True chroma key color

  • Collapses to 1/3 of its open size

  • Ideal for key compositing

  • Perfect for on location

  • Lifetime frame warranty

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Product Details

Easy use for key compositing / keying.
This background features true chroma key color for key compositing. This is a technique for compositing two images or frames together in which a color from one image is removed (made transparent), revealing another image behind it commonly used in video production and post-production.

Helpful hint!
When using this background for digital editing with the intention of removing it in post production, make sure your talent has no clothing or accessories that match the background. If they do, they may show up invisible to the camera.

Can even be used for video conferencing.
Whether in the office or at home, quickly transform an unorganized space into a professional environment. Simply place this background behind you by leaning it up against a wall or using the included collapsible background stand. The party you are conferencing with won't know whether you are in your office or a cluttered toy room.

True chroma key color.
For professional results, the only option for digital editing is utilizing a "true" chroma key backdrop. Many times people source backdrops that may appear close in color to either a chroma key green or blue; however, quickly realize that results will vary drastically using these impostors. Clean up your keying with a "true" custom manufactured chroma-key fabric and ensure perfect and easy results with every application.

Two backdrops in one.
Be prepared for anything as this collapsible backdrop pairs both a Chroma-Key Green and Chroma-Key Blue together in one easy-to-use design. Clothing color will determine what backdrop should be used. When photographing a group of people one by one, this can cause a problem as most times clothing colors will vary greatly. With this backdrop, you can simply flip from one side to the other to whatever best fits your subject.

Hanging strap.
This backdrop can be mounted a variety of ways. They can be leaned against a wall or flat surface or hung using the included top handle strap. This kit includes the custom-designed support stand so you can easily set your background up on location.

Lifetime frame warranty.
At Westcott, we back many of our products with a lifetime warranty. This backdrop includes a lifetime frame warranty and one year on fabrics and finishing. If your frame ever breaks, simply send it back to Westcott and we will replace it at no charge.

Product Specifications


SKU: 5686
UPC: 817967056861
Materials: Cotton/Polyester Blend
Care Instructions: Spot clean by hand with non-bleach laundry detergent.
Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty; One year against defects in material and/or finish
Item Length: 5.97 ft. (71.63 in.) / 1.82 m (181.93 cm)
Item Width: 4.99 ft. (59.88 in.) / 1.52 m (152.08 cm)
Item Weight: 6.2 lbs. / 2.8 kg
Shipping Length: 26.00 in. / 66.04 cm
Shipping Width: 27.00 in. / 68.58 cm
Shipping Height: 7.00 in. / 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 8.9 lbs. / 4.0 kg


Backdrop Mounting: Collapsible Frame
Pattern: Green Screen, Solid
Backdrop Size: 5' x 6'

Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories

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Our Largest Variety of Backdrops for All Occasions

There are a vast variety Westcott Muslin backdrops featuring a diverse collection of handpainted patterns, solids, reversibles, collapsibles, and combinations. All Muslin Backdrops are constructed with a durable cotton/polyester blend and come standard with an included PVC carry case for storage and travel.

Handpainted Prints

Available in both 10' x 12' and 10' x 24' versions, splattered muslin backdrops are handpainted for a completely unique appearance. Essential for shooting seniors, families, children, and portraits, these designs are staples for versatile photography studios.

Muslin Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops
Muslin Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops

Washable Solids

Solid white, black, and grey Muslins are available in 10' x 12' and 10' x 24' washable options, as well as 5' x 6' and 6' x 7' collapsibles. Quickly alter the hue of these Solid Backdrops by gelling light sources. Experimenting with basic lighting techniques can also effortlessly lead to rich high and low-key images.

Collapsible Versions

For the always-on-the-go photographer, there are both hand-painted and solid Muslin Backdrops available in collapsible 5' x 6' and 6' x 7' versions. These collapsible Muslins fold down to â…“ of their size and are lightweight for effortless setup and placement. With reversible versions, a hanging strap, and the Westcott Lifetime Frame Warranty, these Muslins are essential additions for video conferencing, on-location, and in-home photography.

Muslin Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops
Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops

Place Your Subjects in Any Environment Imaginable

Take your photography to the next level by experimenting with the possibilities of Chroma Key Backdrops. Quickly extract these green and blue screens during your post-production editing for replacement with digital images, scenery, or your own images. The options are truly endless!

True Chroma Key

Chroma key compositing is a special effects technique for layering an image on a separate background. The most effective way to achieve a professional chroma key composition is to use backdrops in the true chroma range. Westcott Chroma Key Backdrops are available in both green and blue screens that fall in the precise color range, allowing for effortless extraction.

Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops
Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops

A Wide Variety of Options

Choose the size and color that you prefer. Chroma Key Backdrops are available in 3' x 4', 5' x 6', and 6' x 7' collapsible backdrops that feature effortless setup and a lifetime frame warranty. For shooting multiple subjects, there are 10' x 12' and 10' x 24' versions that feature a 6' pole pocket for easy hanging. All Chroma Key Backdrops are constructed with a wrinkle-resistant fabric and include a PVC travel case. Chroma Key Backdrops are also available for X-Drop System and in Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics.

Get Creative

Experiment with your creative talents, expand your business, and have fun. Chroma key composition allows for a wide range of uses, both in creative and professional endeavors. Specialized programs, including Westcott’s Illusions’ green screen software, not only allow for effortless transformation of your backdrops, but also teach the basics of chroma key composition along the way.

Chroma-Key Sheet and Collapsible Backdrops