Setting the Scene

Endless Possibilities with Backdrops and Fabrics


Modern Vintage Backdrops

Modern Vintage

Timeless Prints, Stunning Designs

Featuring a variety of beautifully constructed backdrops with an array of classic prints and patterns, Westcott’s line of Modern Vintage backdrops are the popular choice for portrait, glamour, and fashion photographers.

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Superior Fabrics

Heavy matte fabric with embossed velour patterning.

Custom-Designed Patterns

High-visibility designs created exclusively by Westcott.

Large Collection of Backdrops

Over 20 different patterns and colors to choose from.

Experiment with Lighting

Versatile backdrops can be high-key, low-key, or hued by your light source.


Quick and Complete Backdrop System

Save time, money, and space with the X-Drop Backdrop frame and backdrops. Featuring a variety of prints from Westcott’s most successful backdrop designs, choose your prefered bundle and build your studio in a snap.

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X-Drop Backdrop System

Ingenious Frame Design

Telescoping X-Drop frame features quick and simple setup and tear down.

Extremely Portable

Frame constructed with durable, lightweight aluminum, weighing under 3 lbs.

The Best of Westcott

The best-selling Westcott backdrops are available for the X-Drop frame.

Wildly Affordable

A variety of cost-saving kits include backdrops, frames, and travel cases.
Muslin Backdrops by Westcott


Studio Staples for Portrait Photographers

For the classic portrait, Westcott Muslin backdrops feature superior fabrics in an array of sizes, prints, and forms for use in the studio, at office, or on-the-go. Muslin backdrops provide timeless appeal for a wide range of photographers.

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Hand-painted Prints

No two hand-painted Muslin backdrops are have the exact print. Many are reversible.

Neutral Solids

For high-end portraits, versatile black, white, and grey Muslin solids come in a variety of sizes.

Collapsible Muslins

Fold to ⅓ size, these feature a lifetime frame warranty and are available in two sizes.

Quality Backdrops

All are manufactured with a heavy-duty cotton/polyester and include a PVC travel case.

Chroma Key

Get Creative with Blue or Green Screen

Tune in to your creative side, explore modern technology, and expand your photography business with Westcott’s line of Chroma Key backdrops. With software kits and free education, there has never been a better time to take on a new hobby.

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Chroma Key Backdrops

True Chroma Key

Green and blue shades fall in the precise chroma range for effortless extraction.

Endless Possibilities

Use post-production editing to put your subjects in any background imaginable.

Variety of Options

Available in 10' x 12', 10' x 24' and collapsible versions in three sizes.

Quality Fabrication

Wrinkle-resistant matte fabrics are simple to use and feature both a pole pockets and grommets.
Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops


Solid Essentials for Every Photographer

With over 100 years of experience working with the world’s superior fabrics, Westcott knows the importance of innovation and quality. Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops provide an array of unique features for active photographers.

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Innovative Fabrication

Thick, fleece-like fabric resists wrinkles and can be stretched for a sleek appearance.

Reflection Resistant

Unique fabric also resists reflections for uncomplicated lighting.

Machine Washable

Wrinkle Resistant backdrops can be washed with cold water on a delicate cycle.

Available in Two Sizes

Black, white, and grey come in 9’ x 10’ and 9’ 20’ versions with included travel case.