D5 Video Blog Lighting Kit

SKU: 484

  • For video blogging, web conferencing, and photography

  • Powerful, complete 2-light kit

  • Five switches control power on each D5

  • 1000 watt output

  • Beautiful, daylight-balanced lamps

  • X-Drop and D5 softboxes feature quick setup

  • Compact storage

  • CE certified for safety

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Product Details

Take your video blogging to the next level with the D5 Video Blog Lighting Kit. This kit includes everything vloggers need to create professional-quality lighting. Suitable for all types of video and photography use.

The continuous D5 lights produce a beautiful daylight-balanced light source and are shipped with 10 flicker-free fluorescent bulbs. With 1000 watts of output, this kit creates the bright, high-quality illumination needed for video, even when using a webcam. 5 switches on the back of the D5 light head allow for exact output control and the D5's built-in tilter bracket allows for exact positioning on the included light stands. Included rectangular D5 softboxes allow users to control the direction of light output and soften their light source.

This Video Blog Lighting Kit also includes the easy-to-use X-Drop Backdrop and Frame. The X-Drop Frame features telescoping arms and a lightweight design, allowing for compact storage and setup in confined spaces. The 5’ x 7’ White X-Drop Backdrop features a thick, wrinkle-resistant fabric that can be machine washed. This high-quality material allows for simple lighting and a high-key appearance in front of the camera.

Product Specifications


SKU: 484
UPC: 817967012829
Warranty: 1 Year
Care Instructions: Machine washable in cold water, delicate cycle, tumble dry low.
Shipping Length: 11.81 in. / 30.00 cm
Shipping Width: 35.43 in. / 89.99 cm
Shipping Height: 35.43 in. / 89.99 cm
Shipping Weight: 22.9 lbs. / 10.4 kg
Materials: Fiberglass, Nylon

Lighting Specs

Power Type: AC
Number of Lights: 2
Socket Count: 5
Socket Base: Edison
Max Watts per Socket: 85
Lamp/Tube User Changeable: Yes
Light Type: Fluorescent
Lamp Life (Hours): 8,000+
Color Temperature: 5,600 K
Color Render Index (CRI): 85
Voltage: 110/120V (220-240V via distributors)

Light Modifiers

Interior Color: Silver
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop
Maximum Watts: 250W

Stands & Mounting

Extended Length: 84.00 in. / 213.36 cm
Maximum Load (Weight): 5.5 lbs. / 2.5 kg
Thread Size: 1/4" - 20
Footprint: 27.56 in.
Mount Type: 5/8ā€¯ Receiver
Westcott Basics D5 Continuous Light

Powerful Constant Lighting

The latest addition to the Westcott Basics lineup, the Basics D5 is an ultra-powerful light solution that wonā€™t break the bank. The D5 features 5 ceramic light sockets placed evenly across the unit. Each of these high-quality sockets can support a daylight-balanced lamp up to 85 watts. The these sockets are housed on an ultra-compact and durable nylon base that is both UL and CE for safety. 

Superior Control

For the ultimate power control, the Basics D5 features 5 power switches located on the rear of the lighthead. Each of these switches controls a single lamp and is complete with a power indicator. When placed out-of-reach, an in-line cord switch is accessible for convenient control. This cord is 13ā€™ in length for effortless placement and adjustments. The D5 also features a built-in tilter bracket for precise positioning.nbsp;

Westcott Basics D5 Continuous Lighting Kits

Custom Modifiers and Complete Kits

To direct and control the output of the Basics D5, Westcott designed a series of custom D5 modifiers, including 24ā€¯ x 32ā€¯ rectangular softbox, a 16ā€¯ x 40ā€¯ stripbank, and a 32ā€¯ octabox. These modifiers are constructed with reflective silver interiors, durable heat-resistant rods, and 1-stop diffusion clothes. Each modifier mounts quickly into the D5ā€™s custom rod receptacles located on the exterior ring of the light head. This light head features a standard umbrella receptacle as well, for even more modification options. D5 modifiers can be purchased separately, or in cost-effective complete studio kits for the ultimate photo/video lighting setup.