D5 5-Socket Light Head

SKU: 480

  • Continuous daylight light source

  • High-quality, UL-Certified ceramic sockets

  • CE certified for safety

  • Compact and lightweight housing

  • 5 switches control each lamp

  • Inline cord switch

  • Built-in D5 softbox receptacles

  • Standard umbrella receptacle and tilter bracket

  • Available in cost-effective kits

  • Bulbs sold separately

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Product Details

Meet the Westcott Basics D5, a powerful daylight-balanced continuous light source. The D5 features 5 heat-resistant, UL-certified ceramic sockets for use with 5 compact fluorescent lamps up to 50-watts each. The D5 is housed in a durable yet lightweight nylon head and is CE certified for safety. This housing features 5 power switches that control each lamp for the ultimate in output control.

When placed out of reach, the D5 has an in-line cord switch for quick adjustments. Built on a tilter bracket, the Westcott Basics D5 is designed with a comfortable handle for effortless positioning. The D5’s tilter bracket fits on virtually all light stands and has a built-in umbrella receptacle.

Custom D5 modifiers are available, including a 24” x 32” Softbox, 32” Octabox, and 16” x 40” Stripbank, which come standard with a 1-stop diffusion panel. These high-quality modifiers mount quickly into the D5’s softbox receptacles and are available in a variety of cost-saving kits.

Product Specifications


SKU: 480
UPC: 817967008167
Warranty: 1 Year
Care Instructions: CFLs contain mercury. Please follow EPA clean-up and disposal guidelines.
Shipping Length: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Shipping Width: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Shipping Height: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Shipping Weight: 3.0 lbs. / 1.4 kg
Materials: Ceramic Socket, Nylon

Lighting Specs

Flicker-Free: Yes
Light Type: Fluorescent
Socket Base: Edison
Socket Count: 5
Max Watts per Socket: 85-watts
Mount Type: 5/8” Receiver


Voltage: 110/120V (220-240V via distributors)
Power Cord: Switched
Power Adapter: AC
Cooling: Passive
Certification: CE
Westcott Basics D5 Continuous Light

Powerful Constant Lighting

The latest addition to the Westcott Basics lineup, the Basics D5 is an ultra-powerful light solution that won’t break the bank. The D5 features 5 ceramic light sockets placed evenly across the unit. Each of these high-quality sockets can support a daylight-balanced lamp up to 85 watts. The these sockets are housed on an ultra-compact and durable nylon base that is both UL and CE for safety. 

Superior Control

For the ultimate power control, the Basics D5 features 5 power switches located on the rear of the lighthead. Each of these switches controls a single lamp and is complete with a power indicator. When placed out-of-reach, an in-line cord switch is accessible for convenient control. This cord is 13’ in length for effortless placement and adjustments. The D5 also features a built-in tilter bracket for precise positioning.nbsp;

Westcott Basics D5 Continuous Lighting Kits

Custom Modifiers and Complete Kits

To direct and control the output of the Basics D5, Westcott designed a series of custom D5 modifiers, including 24” x 32” rectangular softbox, a 16” x 40” stripbank, and a 32” octabox. These modifiers are constructed with reflective silver interiors, durable heat-resistant rods, and 1-stop diffusion clothes. Each modifier mounts quickly into the D5’s custom rod receptacles located on the exterior ring of the light head. This light head features a standard umbrella receptacle as well, for even more modification options. D5 modifiers can be purchased separately, or in cost-effective complete studio kits for the ultimate photo/video lighting setup.