Erin Manning Strobelite 1-Light Kit

SKU: 243

  • Essential 1-light studio lighting kit

  • Ideal for budding photographers and home studios

  • Includes 200 Watt/second strobe, softbox, reflector kit, and more

  • Powerful, easy-to-use off-camera flash

  • Compact setup for small spaces

  • Developed by experienced photography educator Erin Manning

In the Box:

  • (1) Strobelite Plus

  • (1) 32" Octabonal Softbox

  • (1) Adapter Ring

  • (1) Light Stand

  • (1) 30" 5-in-1 Reflector Kit

  • (1) Soft Sided Carry Case

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Product Details

Developed by photography educator Erin Manning, this single-light kit is a must-have for any budding photographer or home studio. Featuring the Strobelite Plus, this kit is a fantastic way to learn the art of flash photography and portraiture.

The Strobelite Plus is a compact and lightweight off-camera flash unit that offers 200 Watt/seconds of light output. This is perfectly softened with the included 32” Octabox. A 5-in-1 Reflector Kit is also included to fill shadows and add highlights.

Mounting hardware, an 8.5’ light stand, and a durable carry case are also included in this single-light kit.

The Strobelite Plus with gels and barndoors

Meet the Affordable Compact Strobe

The Strobelite by Westcott offers power in a compact and portable unit. Constructed with a durable, lightweight polycarbonate, the Strobelite houses both a 200 and 400 effective watt-second strobe in a compact 4 pound body. With an actual meter reading of F22 at ISO 200, our most powerful strobe will give you the best bang for your buck, literally.

Precise Control

The Strobelite’s powerful output can be adjusted from ¼ to full power and everything inbetween. These adjustments are automatic, thanks to an auto-dump feature on our Plus version, which immediately reflects any output change. Modeling lamp previews are also automatically adjusted when power output has been increased or decreased, giving an accurate foresight into the intensity of the strobe.

Final products images captured with the use of the Strobelite
Close-up image of the Strobelite's flash tube and modeling lamp

Quick and Exact Recycling

Recycle times can greatly affect the images you capture. When strobe recycle times are lengthy, great shots are often missed. That is why the Strobelite Plus was designed with fast recycle times, regardless of the power output. With recycling times between 1 seconds (at low power) and 2.5 seconds (at full power), you’ll capture all of the action in your shoot without concern. The Strobelite is also designed with an optical infrared cell. This feature communicates with all other flashes in use, allowing for exact triggering and evenly illuminated photographs.

Mounting and Modifying

Constructed with an attached tilter bracket, the Strobelite Plus can be quickly mounted and angled on virtually any light stands. This heavy-duty bracket also support the weight of even the largest softboxes and modifiers, eliminating stress placed on the light head. This strobe also comes standard with a 15 foot removable power cord, sync cord, reflector, protective cap, flash tube, and modeling lamp.

Close-up images of the Strobelite's mounting design

Product Specifications


SKU: 243
UPC: 817967049047
Warranty: 1 Year
Care Instructions: WARNING! Applying any cleaner to this product may damage the laminated surface.
Item Length: 35.83 in. / 91.00 cm
Item Width: 9.84 in. / 25.00 cm
Item Height: 10.24 in. / 26.00 cm
Item Weight: 8.0 lbs. / 3.6 kg
Packaged Length: 35.83 in. / 91.00 cm
Packaged Width: 9.84 in. / 25.00 cm
Packaged Height: 10.24 in. / 26.00 cm
Shipping Length: 35.83 in. / 91.00 cm
Shipping Width: 9.84 in. / 25.00 cm
Shipping Height: 10.24 in. / 26.00 cm
Shipping Weight: 9.0 lbs. / 4.1 kg

Light Modifiers

Diffuser Density: 1-Stop
Rod Material: Metal

Stands & Mounting

Extended Length: 8.50 in. / 21.59 cm
Thread Size: 1/4" -20
Mount Type: 1/4"-20 Female Thread


Compatibility: Westcott

Light Controls

Fabric Type: Black Block, Diffusion, Gold Bounce, Silver Bounce, White Bounce
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