Ice Light

The Ice Lights and Popular Accessories

The Handheld LED

Designed by renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis, The Ice Light has become a favorite amongst a variety of photographers and videographers across the globe. Introduced in 2012, The Ice Light was the first daylight-balanced handheld LED introduced to the market. This light source was named a Hot One by Professional Photographer magazine in 2013 and remains the go-to light source for busy professionals and enthusiasts.

True Daylight

With a perfect 5,200°K color temperature, this LED produces 1,160 lumens and is rated for over 50,000 hours of use. Encased by a strong aluminum case with a frosted diffusion front, the Ice Light is a portable “window light”, without the need of modifiers. Weighing merely 1.3 pounds, this LED is not only extremely portable, but also exceptionally durable. Designed not only for handheld use, the Ice Light also features standard mounting threads on both ends for use on a tripod, light stand, tilter bracket, or when connecting two together.

Ultra-Modern Technology

The Ice Light features the latest technology, including a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery run with both AC or DC power. Encased batteries can run for up to 60 minutes at full power or can be run continuously while tethered to an energy source. These batteries charge quickly, with an average charge time at merely 2.5 hours. Available battery packs improve battery life by up to 5 additional hours. 

We've Got You Covered

Each Ice Light comes standard with gel clips, a compact travel case, and 3 international power adapters. These included accessories are essential for photographers and videographers shooting in a variety of locations around the globe.


Accessories Galore

Released in early 2014, a series of accessories are now available for the Ice Light as well, including a car charger, tilter bracket, tungsten gel, barn doors, and other additions for the ultimate in LED light control and convenience. The cost-effective Ice Pack is also available, combining all of these featured accessories as well as a flexible table-top tripod in an inclusive kit.