Skylux Dimmable Daylight LED & Complete Lighting Kits

Skylux LED with Rapid Box XL Deflector Plate

Perfect for Photo and Video

The Skylux by Westcott is a compact yet powerful LED that produces immaculate lighting. With a high CRI, daylight-balanced color temperature, and lightweight housing, the Skylux is the ideal light source for both photo and video. This LED includes a built-in tilter bracket for precise positioning , an umbrella mount for easy modifying, and a quiet internal fan for use on set. The newest addition to the Westcott lighting lineup, the Skylux has quickly become a favorite among professionals, on the sets of television shows and in the studios of renowned professionals.

Color Critical

The Skylux LED by Westcott was the first dimmable LED with a CRI rating of 94. CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is the measurement of a light sources’ ability to reveal colors in objects accurately. This is a particularly important aspect for videographers and photographers interested in displaying the most desirable hues and shades in their work. With a nearly perfect CRI, the Skylux will display natural, pristine color in both photo and video applications.

Pure Daylight

With a color temperature of 5600K, the Skylux emits a truly beautiful, daylight-balanced light. Featuring a built-in frosted diffusion panel, the Skylux is shadow free and can be used with and without the use of external modifiers. This light source is dimmable from 30 to 100 percent, adjustable with a simple control dial. This absolute LED is housed in the most compact casing on the market. The Skylux LED is recessed into a lightweight, all-metal body. This design not only protects the LED from impact, but encases a nearly silent internal fan keeping the unit cool and safe.

A Perfect Match

For the ultimate lighting, the Skylux is available in two complete kits. Paired with the renowned Rapid Box, these kits include everything a photographer needs for lighting perfection. Both kits feature the Skylux, the Rapid Box, power ballast and case, a power cord, reflector, beauty dish, light stand, carry case, protective cap, and diffusion panels. These are available in both the 36” XL and the 48” XXL Rapid Box versions.

Power Ballast

The external power ballst, the heart of the Skylux, provides the power and quality expected from Westcott. When hung on a stand, this ballast acts as a weight to stabilize your modified light source and is equipped with a 17 foot power cord for hassle-free maneuverability.