Rapid Box

Rapid Box Speedlite Series

Rapid Box Studio Series

Shoot Rapidly

Meet the Rapid Box, the ideal portable softbox built with convenience in mind. Constructed with the same materials as high-end softboxes, but with an umbrella style frame, the Rapid Box proves durable and effective without the hassle of tedious assembly and disassembly. Simply pop open the Rapid Box like an umbrella, twist to lock, and you are ready to shoot. A simple twist disassembles the box back to its compact form, which can slip directly into the included carry case.

Designed for Portability

Constructed with an aluminum frame, the Rapid Box is strong, yet extremely lightweight. Regardless of the size you choose, each Rapid Box comes with an outer diffusion panel, designed to slip quickly around the outer edge of the box opening. When paired with the optional Deflector Plate, the Rapid Box quickly transforms into a optimal beauty dish. Built to be relatively shallow, the Rapid Box can be placed in even the most cramped space, bringing beautiful lighting wherever you may be.

For Speedlites and Studio Lighting

For use with both speedlites, strobes, and continuous lighting, each Rapid Box is designed with specific features for superior use. For studio lighting, the 36" Rapid Box XL and the 48" Rapid Box XXL feature a deep profile and built-in speedrings. These modifiers are available with your choice of Bowens, Balcar, Profoto, and Skylux adaptions. For speedlite shooters, the 26" Rapid Box Octa, 20" Octa Mini, and the 10" x 24" Rapid Box Strip are available. These off-camera flash modifiers feature an adjustable shoe-mount bracket located on rear of the softbox. This bracket has the ability to mount virtually all speedlites and is essential for use with line-of-sight triggering systems.