Studio Series


The Rapid Box XXL

For Strobes and Constant Lights

The 36” Rapid Box XL and the 48” Rapid Box XXL were designed for use with strobes and continuous lighting. These large softboxes are manufactured with the same quality materials as the smaller versions, but with a built-in speedring for nearly all mounting types. Pair your Skylux LED with the Rapid Box for the ultimate in pristine daylight illumination.

A Perfect Pair

For the ultimate lighting, the Rapid Box XL and XXL are both available in a complete kit. Paired with the powerful Skylux LED, these kits include everything a photographer needs for lighting perfection. Both kits feature the Skylux, the Rapid Box, power ballast and case, a power cord, reflector, light stand, carry case, protective cap, and diffusion panels.

The Skylux LED and Rapid Box XXL Kit
The Rapid Box XL

Rapid Assembly

Built on an umbrella-style frame, the Rapid Box XL and XXL sets up with a simple motion. By pushing forward on the center ring, these large modifiers assemble and lock into place. A simple twist on that same ring allows the softbox to collapse to it's dissembled compact size.