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Westcott Basics Modifiers Behind The Scenes

Unique and Affordable Light Modifiers

For the most price-conscious light modification available, many photography amateurs and enthusiasts turn to the Westcott Basics line. Constructed with quality materials for a beautiful light modification, the Westcott Basics' Pocket Box series and the Basics' Digitent are designed with the consumer in mind. For portrait and product photography, these tools provide effortless mounting, assembly, and use.

Pocket Box

The most compact softbox on the market, the Pocket Box is designed with the same durable and reflective fabrics as full-sized softboxes. These speedlite softboxes are mounted quickly and securely with an elastic strap and fit a vast majority of flashes. Use to soften both on and off-camera flash, fill in shadows, and eliminate red eye. Photographers can purchase all three Pocket Box modifiers singularly or together in a cost-effective educational kit.

The Westcott Pocketbox Speedlite Modifier Series
The Westcott Digitent

The Digitent

Dive into the world of product photography and online merchandising with the Westcott Basics Digitent. This collapsable diffusion box acts to both set a seamless setting for your objects and to soften lighting for even, beautiful illumination. Available in 20” and 30” versions, each Digitent comes standard with additional backdrops and a storage case. Professional, appealing product images can make all of the difference in your online income. The Digitent will effortlessly optimize that.