Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softbox

Meet Our Latest Addition

With a deep parabolic construction, the new Zeppelin softbox series provides a beautiful wraparound light modification for commercial, beauty, and fashion photographers. Constructed with superior fabrics and a heavy-duty frame, the Zeppelin proves that high-end equipment doesn’t require a hefty price tag.

Big, Bigger, and the Biggest

The Westcott Zeppelin Deep Parabolic line features a 35”, 47”, and a 59” para-softbox. Each of these softboxes are lined with an exceptionally-reflective silver material, pulled taut for optimum light output. Supporting these large parabolics are 16 heavy-duty, heat-resistant rods. To support the weight of these profound softboxes, Westcott simultaneously developed the Zeppelin Speedring & Bracket. These heavy-duty brackets eliminate mounting stress and come in adaptations for virtually all light heads.

Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softbox
Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softbox

Adjust Specularity

Each Zeppelin softbox comes standard with both an inner and an outer diffusion panel. Both the half-stop outer diffusion panel and the half-stop inner diffusion panel can be used by themselves or in tandem. The outer panel is constructed with a hook-and-loop edge for quick placement. The inner diffusion panel utilizes elastic snaps for placement, ensuring safe placement within the Zeppelin. The inner panel is also manufactured with a 1-stop center dot, eliminating potential hot spots.

Multiple Mounting Methods

The Zeppelin Deep Parabolic series was designed with not one, but two mounting methods. The standard rear mount is optimized with the available Zeppelin Speedring & Bracket, creating a broad, soft light output. An interior mounting option is also available. By utilizing a second light stand and the Zeppelin Deflector Plate, photographers can place their strobes and continuous lighting within the Zeppelin softbox, creating a sharper light output. In addition, the Zeppelin Mounting Arm is also now available and can be mounted through the removable back panel for centered interior light placement.