Light Modifiers

6 families of light modifiers.

Solutions for every budget and application.


Apollo and Halo Softbox Line Up

Apollo and Halo

Quick-collapsible modifiers for studio lights and speedlites.

One of the most favored modifiers on the market, the Apollo is a Westcott original that has been consistently improved throughout the past 20 years. Constructed with the capabilities of a high-end softbox on an easy-to-use umbrella style frame, the Apollo and Halo take any guesswork out of modifying both speedlites and light heads. Mount these softboxes with a common umbrella shaft and shoot effortlessly in an instant.

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Instant Assembly

Assembles and disassembles in seconds.

Improved Frame

Flexible and durable fiberglass construction.

Recessed Edge

Precise diffusion panel placement.

Ultimate Mounting

Exact positioning of your light source.

Pro Signature and Pro Softboxes

Quality construction, warranted for years.

Designed with superior heat-resistant fabrics and solid steel framework, Westcott’s line of professional softboxes are built to last. With a wide range of rectangulars, strips, and octas, all Pro Softboxes are back by a 5 or 7 year warranty. Purchase in cost-effective kits or pair these sophisticated modifiers with the Spiderlite TD6 or other constant lighting to build the refined studio you’ve always dreamed.

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Westcott Pro Softbox Line Up

Quality Details

Tent-style vents and heat-resistant layers.

Take the Heat

Rated for use up to 1000-watts.

Studio Bundles

Ideal cost-effective kits available.

Dedicated Designs

Each manufactured for specified modification.

Westcott Umbrellas LineUp

Photo Umbrellas

The essential light modifiers.

Designing and manufacturing umbrellas since 1899, Westcott is no amateur when it comes to these essential lighting modifiers. Constructed with a lightweight fiberglass frame, Westcott has developed a durable, heavy-duty photography lighting umbrella without adding to the overall weight of the product, allowing for simple on-location shooting and quick mounting with any standard umbrella-mount.

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Diffuse Light

Shoot-through umbrellas from 32" to 7'.

Reflect Light

Options featuring reflective silver interiors.

Convertible Versions

Removable cover for reflecting and diffusing.

Partial Steel Insert

Heavy-duty shaft insert provides durability.

Rapid Box Series

Ultra-portable studio and speedlite modifiers.

For speedlites, strobes, and constant lighting, the Rapid Box and the Rapid Box XL/XXL series are designed for convenience and portability. Durable lightweight materials are partnered with an umbrella-style frame, allowing for remarkably quick assembly. These softboxes feature built-in mourning capabilities, eliminating the need for excess adapters, and come standard with diffusion options.

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The Rapid Box Softbox Line Up

Solid Aluminum

Frame constructed for effortless portability.

Beauty Dish Qualities

Optional deflector plates available.

Light-Specific Innovations

Built-in mounting for speedlites or studio lights.

Cost-Effective Kits

Options including deflectors and lighting.

The Zeppelin Deep Parabolic Softbox Series

Zeppelin Para Series

Deep parabolic studio softboxes.

The newest addition to Westcott’s line of light modifiers, the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic softbox series has been turning heads since its introduction. Featuring a vast depth and highly-reflective interior, the Zeppelin is available in 35”, 47” and 59” versions. Create a stunning wraparound light with this praiseworthy new modifier for portrait, fashion, and commercial photographers.

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Deep Construction

Providing broad output and controlled falloff.

Highly Reflective

Taut interior with brilliant silver fabric.

Softening Options

Included inner and outer diffusion panels.

Speedring Bracket

Optional accessory provides weight support.

Basics PocketBox and Digitent

Portable, affordable, and collapsible.

Start your photography hobby or business with a Westcott Basics PocketBox or Digitent. These quality modifiers create soft, beautiful light sources, both in-studio and on-location, without breaking the bank. With heat-resistant fabrics, lightweight frames, and a unique options to choose from, there has never been a better time to experiment with lighting and improve your photography skills.

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The Westcott Basics Pocketbox and Digitent

The Digitent

The collapsible box for product photography.

The Pocketbox

On and off-camera speedlite modifier.

Compact Designs

Modification for use in any space or location


Photo accessories that won't hurt your wallet.