5 families of lighting. 115 years of innovation. 

One legacy of excellence.

Skylux LED


Dimmable daylight LED for photo and video.

The most compact and powerful LED available on the market. With a beautiful color rendition, top-notch power options, and a sleek design, the Skylux is the next big thing for both photography and film production.

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Pristine Daylight Output

5600 Kelvin at 94 CRI.

Solid Metal Housing

Allows quiet operation for video use.

Diffused Front

Provides shadow-free output.

Built-In Components

Tilter bracket and umbrella mount.

Ice Light

The portable handheld LED.

Designed by world-renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, the Ice Light is the only compact LED on the market weighing under 2 pounds. This modern daylight-balanced light source is both sleek and practical.

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Ice Light LED

Beautiful 5200 Kelvin

Producing 1160 lumens.

Convenient Charging

2.5 hour run time with AC/DC capabilities.

Built-In Mounting

Standard mounting thread on both ends.

Accessories Galore

Modifiers, battery extensions, and more.

Spiderlite Series

Spiderlite TD Series

Continuous daylight or tungsten.

This powerful award-winning series of constant lights evenly produce 1200 watts of quality illumination for both film sets and photography studios with the ability to run with either Daylight CFL or Tungsten Halogen bulbs.

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Power Adjustments

Control light output with 3 simple controls.

Metal Construction

Reflective metal head maximizes output.

Softbox Rod Vessels

No need for adapters with built-in receptacles.

Essential Studio Kits

An array of Spiderlite TD kits available.


Compact and affordable continuous lighting.

A beginning essential for photography amateurs and enthusiasts, the Westcott Basics uLite is an award-winning continuous light source producing 500-watts of illumination in a variety of affordable kits and bundles.

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Stays Cool

Heat resistant with CFL.

Easy to Use

uLites are simple to set-up and use.

For Photo or Video

Continuous lighting for photo and video.

Educational Kits

Featuring light modifiers and DVDs.

Strobelite Series

Strobelite Series

Meet the studio strobe.

Lightweight and compact, the Strobelite Plus packs a 400 effective watt-second punch into a 4 pound unit. This durable light source features a polycarbonate body with a price tag that is sure to please any photographer.

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Power Adjustments

Choose anything between ¼ and full power.

Fast Recycling

Max recycle time a mere 2.5 seconds.

Infrared Triggering

Synchronize all flashes in use.

All-Metal Bracket

Quick mounting and positioning.