ProGrip Speedlite Handle

SKU: 5140

  • Fits virtually all speedlites & triggers

  • Custom molded

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in umbrella receptacle

  • Adjustable cold shoe brackets

  • 1/4-20" base thread

  • Angled design

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Product Details

The extremely versatile and super comfortable Speedlite ProGrip is a dream for any off-camera flash photographer and uniquely designed to mount speedlites and radio triggers onto one handheld, custom molded grip.

The ProGrip features a built-in standard umbrella receptacle with a tension screw, allowing for secure and effortless umbrella mounting. Two metal cold shoe brackets are securely mounted on top of this handle and are adjustable for precise placement and compatibility with virtually all speedlites and triggers.

The ProGrip is designed with a tilted head, precisely directing speedlites toward the center of your preferred modifier. A quarter-inch thread is located on the base of the handle allowing for an effortless transition from in-hand placement to on-stand mounting. This innovative tool partners perfectly with umbrella-style modifiers, including traditional Westcott umbrellas, the Apollo, or the Halo. Cold shoe brackets located on the ProGrip are also compatible with the Triple Threat for multiple speedlite use.

Product Specifications


SKU: 5140
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping Weight: 0.0 lbs. / 0.0 kg

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Compatibility: Speed Light

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