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Reflectors & Scrims

A vast variety of light control tools.

Reflect, block, shape, and diffuse in any environment.

Westcott Illuminator Series Reflectors

Ice Light

The Scrim Jim Backdrop System

Westcott Scrim Jim

Omega Reflector

Omega Reflector 10-in-1 Shoot-Through Reflector

The EyeLighter

The EyeLighter Catchlight to match the human eye

Westcott Fast Flags

Fast Flags

Westcott Basics Series Reflectors

Westcott Basics


Illuminator Reflectors

High-quality materials and an innovative design for a lifetime of use.

Lightweight square reflectors featuring a double-riveted steel frame and a wide variety of fabrics, sizes, and combinations. Illuminator Reflectors are essential tools for on-the-go photographers, effortlessly modifying any light source.


Scrim Jim

A complete modular modifying tool for photo and video.

Versatile and durable frames and fabrics with over 35 options to help perfect your lighting both in-studio and on-location. Each Scrim Jim assembles within seconds and weighs under 3 pounds for effortless portability.


The Eyelighter

A dazzling catchlight from a remarkable reflection!

Introducing the newest innovation from Westcott in partnership with photographer Larry Peters, the Eyelighter is the only curved reflector on the market providing pristine curved catchlights and a durable construction. The Eyelighter features a highly reflective silver fabric with an arched design that perfectly follows the curvature of the human iris.


Omega Reflector

The world's first 10-in-1 shoot-through reflector.

A unique Jerry Ghionis design, the Omega Reflector provides 10 lighting solutions in one compact tool. With 5 surfaces including silver, white, sunlight, black, and diffusion, the Omega also includes a removable center frame. This frame allows photographers to create both a backlight and a main light with a single light source, without capturing the reflector in the shot. It’s like having a beauty dish, a ring light, and a reflector in a single collapsible system.

Omega Reflector

Fast Flags

Prevent light spill and control lens flare with ease.

Functional and affordable, Westcott Fast Flags feature an array of fabrics for custom control of your light sources. Prevent spill, create shadows, diffuse light, and control flare in an instant. A preferred tool on-set, flags are a must-have for film and video.


Basics Reflectors

The essential modifying tool for every level of photographer.

Add intensity and spark to your images with Westcott’s most affordable light controlling tools. Basics Reflectors can assist amatuer, enthusiast, and professional photographers in managing skin tone, balancing highlights and shadows, and adding specularity in portraits.