18" x 24" 1/4 Stop Silk Fabric

SKU: 1931

  • Subtle diffusion

  • Sets up in seconds

  • Hook and loop tape provides a taut and secure fit

  • No color shift

  • Color coded for quicker set up



Just a hint of diffusion.
The fabric is designed to fit our Fast Flags. Diffusing just 1/4-stop of light, this diffusion silk offers just a hint of diffusion.

Seamless design.
Take advantage of the full surface area as all of our net fabrics are seamless in design.

Rod pocket.
The included two rod pockets allow the fabric to be quickly slid onto the adjustable arms of the Westcott Fast Flag frame. This also provides for a taut and secure fit.

Industrial tape.
Secure the fabric in place through the industrial grade hook and loop tape.

Spend less.
Most flags the fabric is permanently attached. This means if you tear or ruin a fabric, the entire unit needs replaced. With our unique design, fabrics can quickly and easily be changed out (as well as replaced) saving you both time and money.

Color coded.
This single net incorporates red binding for quick identification when on set.

Additional Info


SKU: 1931
Materials: Heavy-Duty Nylon, Silk
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Care Instructions: Spot clean by hand with non-bleach laundry detergent.
Item Length: 1.25 in. / 3.18 cm
Item Width: 26.00 in. / 66.04 cm
Item Height: 20.00 in. / 50.80 cm
Item Weight: 1.1 lbs. / 0.5 kg
Packaged Length: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Packaged Width: 12.00 in. / 30.48 cm
Packaged Height: 4.00 in. / 10.16 cm
Packaged Weight: 2.0 lbs. / 0.9 kg
Fabric Removable: Yes
Fabric Attachment: Hook & Loop
Diffuser Density: ΒΌ-Stop
Fabric Type: Diffusion
Size: 18 x 24-inch