48" Rapid Box Octa XXL with Bowens Speedring

SKU: 2041S

  • Designed for constant lights and strobe heads

  • An ideal main or fill light

  • Provides soft and evenly reflected light

  • Built-in speedring

  • Full stop front diffusion panel

  • Robust and durable framework

  • Portable and lightweight design

  • Opens and closes quickly like an umbrella

  • RapidBox Body

  • Built-in Speedring

  • Diffusion Panel

  • Internal Baffle

  • Carry Case

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Rapid Box


The Rapid Box 36" XL and 48" XXL are constructed from solid aluminum to minimize the overall weight and retain product durability for years to come. Equipped with a Built-in Speedring allowing for immediate shooting. We offer attachments for the most popular light heads out in the market.

Built on an umbrella frame, The Rapid Box XL and XXL come ready to use. Simply remove the Rapid Box XL or XXL from it's travel case, locate & slide the center runner down the rod, and easily lock the center ring into place. Setup's that simple. When you're ready to break down your Rapid Box simply turn the center ring to unlock and slowly guide the runner back up the rod.

The Rapid Box XL & XXL are slim in design making them extremely portable and easy to carry and store. They are the perfect large octagonal softbox for on-location photo shoots avoiding the need for those heavy adapter rings and support rods. That means less stuff you have to carry with you.

The Rapid Box XL & XXL immediately provides shooters with various ways of customizing their light output. Utilize the supplied inner baffle and outer diffusion panel help to control the specularity of your light and provide diffusion. Not enough options? Grab the optional Rapid Box Deflector Plate (2040-DP) to eliminate any hot spots or achieve that perfect beauty dish look. Shooters are even able to change the Rapid Box Deflector Plate's distance from the light source by simply unscrewing and removing the adjustable center rod. Be creative and explore. Mix-&-Match the various components to create your own unique look.

A durable carry case is equipped for travel and storage.

SKU: 2041S
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Item Length: 48.00 in. / 121.92 cm
Item Width: 48.00 in. / 121.92 cm
Item Height: 22.80 in. / 57.91 cm
Item Weight: 3.3 lbs. / 1.5 kg
Materials: Heavy-Duty Nylon, Steel
Packaged Length: 5.90 in. / 14.99 cm
Packaged Width: 5.90 in. / 14.99 cm
Packaged Height: 34.60 in. / 87.88 cm
Packaged Weight: 4.5 lbs. / 2.0 kg
Collapsed Length: 5.50 in. / 13.97 cm
Collapsed Width: 5.50 in. / 13.97 cm
Collapsed Height: 34.00 in. / 86.36 cm
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop

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