Rapid Box Deflector Plate XL/XXL

SKU: 2040-DP
Create the ultimate beauty dish. Use with Deflector Plate Extension Rod provided with the Rapid Box XXL


Create the ultimate beauty dish. The Rapid Box Deflector Plate is a must-have for every Rapid Box XL/XXL owner. A versatile accessory that eliminates hot spots and doubles as a beauty dish. Combine with either the Rapid Box XL or XXL and the detachable center extension rod for up to 16 unique lighting combination options!

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SKU: 2040-DP
Materials: Steel
Care Instructions: No
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects
Item Length: 7.50 in. / 19.05 cm
Item Width: 7.50 in. / 19.05 cm
Item Height: 0.75 in. / 1.91 cm
Item Weight: 0.8 lbs. / 0.4 kg
Packaged Length: 10.00 in. / 25.40 cm
Packaged Width: 7.00 in. / 17.78 cm
Packaged Height: 0.75 in. / 1.91 cm
Packaged Weight: 0.8 lbs. / 0.4 kg

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