Ideal for portraits and headshots, this curved reflector creates stunning clamshell lighting with iconic catchlights using a single light source



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5333 - Westcott Eyelighter 3Eyelighter 3 (Silver, White, and Sunlight Fabric)
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Eyelighter White FabricEyelighter White Fabric
Eyelighter White Fabric
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closeup portrait using eyelighter 3 and curved catchlight


The Eyelighter 3

studio portrait using eyelighter 3studio portrait using eyelighter 3


Stunning Clamshell Lighting with a Single Light

The Eyelighter 3 allows you to achieve beautiful clamshell lighting with a single light source. But it doesn’t stop there. Its arc-shaped design matches the natural curvature of the human eye, resulting in seamless catchlight without unflattering shapes or gaps. The sparkle is real.

Eyelighter 3

Get More Looks with 3 Reflective Surfaces

With the Eyelighter 3, you get 3 high-quality fabric choices for reflecting studio or ambient light. Changing fabrics is a breeze. The reversible white/sunlight fabric stacks on the silver base fabric using hook-and-loop tape.

portrait without using eyelighter 3

No Eyelighter

portrait using eyelighter 3 with silver fabric

Silver Fabric

The most popular Eyelighter fabric due to the very distinct look it gives. Creates a very specular light. Fills in almost all of the shadows under the chin and nose. Produces a very defined highlight in the eyes.

portrait using eyelighter 3 with white fabric

White Fabric

Produces a soft, subtle fill. Retains some shadows under the chin and nose to help add dimension to your subject's face. The highlight in the eye is less dramatic and more natural-looking.

portrait using eyelighter 3 with sunlight fabric

Sunlight Fabric

Creates a very specular light with slightly warmer tones. A mix of both a gold and silver material gives a warm, glowy look to skin tones and the catchlight.

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