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New Products


Flex RGB-W LED Mat

  • Lightweight, pliable LED mats in 1x1' & 1x2'
  • Light output across full visible spectrum
  • Dimmable, silent, and flicker-free operation
  • IP 64 water-and dust resistant

Flex Standard Dimmer

  • Compatible with all Flex mats
  • V-Mount connects battery or AC
  • Aluminum with quick-mount locking system
  • Preset color and Kelvin settings

Flex Pro Dimmer

  • All features of standard dimmer
  • DMX-512 input and output
  • Wifi for remote operation
  • Custom preset colors

Solix LED

  • Constant light with speedring and tilter
  • Fully dimmable, 5600K daylight-balanced
  • Removable frosted dome and barn doors
  • DC power option using D-Tap cable

Flex Hard Diffusion Panel

  • Sizes for Flex 1x1', 1x2', 1x3', & 2x2'
  • For Flex mounted to Scrim Jim Cine frames
  • 1/3-stop softens and evenly distributes light

Flex Collapsible China Cube Lantern

  • 16" for Flex 1x1' and 31" for Flex 2x2'
  • Quick-collapse design evenly diffuses light
  • 1 1/4-stop diffusion fabric with removable black blocks
  • Attaches to a boom with built-in straps

Flex Drum Softbox

  • Use with Flex 1x2' or 1x3' mats
  • Quick-collapse design evenly diffuses light
  • Removable black curtain controls direction
  • Emulates natural interior lighting

Flex Yoke

  • Available in 1’ and 2' sizes
  • Perfect for Flex mats on Scrim Jim Cine frames
  • Standard mounting to grip arms or heads
  • Durable metal construction

Boom Arm & Clamp

  • Versatile lightweight design
  • Extends from 4' up to 10.7'
  • Retractable weight bag hook
  • Quick release clamp for portability

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