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Photo Plus 2017

New lighting gear available this fall!

Solix LED
Solix LED

Solix LED

  • Constant light with speedring and tilter
  • Fully dimmable, 5600K daylight-balanced
  • Removable frosted dome and barn doors
  • DC power option using D-Tap cable
Flex Hard Diffusion Panels

Flex Hard Diffusion Panel

  • Sizes for Flex 1x1', 1x2', 1x3', & 2x2'
  • For Flex mounted to Scrim Jim Cine frames
  • 1/3-stop softens and evenly distributes light
Flex Yoke

Flex Yoke

  • Available in 1’ and 2' sizes
  • Perfect for Flex mats on Scrim Jim Cine frames
  • Standard mounting to grip arms or heads
  • Durable metal construction
Flex Barndoors

Flex Barndoors

  • Controls directionality and light spill
  • Flex mat attaches via riveted touch fastener
  • Removable heavy-duty rear-mounted ball head
  • Integrated handles for streamlined storage
Boom Arm and Clamp

2-in-1 Boom Arm & Clamp

  • Versatile lightweight design
  • Extends from 4' up to 10.7'
  • Retractable weight bag hook
  • Quick release clamp for portability
Deep Umbrella Diffusion Panel

Deep Umbrella Diffusion

  • Available for both 43" and 53" umbrellas
  • Creates soft and even lighting
  • Diffuses light by one full stop
  • High-quality diffusion fabric

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