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Westcott was honored to win two Lucie Awards this fall at the 4th annual Lucie Technical Awards, hosted in New York City during the PhotoPlus Expo. This included an award for Best Light Modifier for the Rapid Box Switch Series and an award for Best Continuous Light Source for the Soli...

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11/1/2018 1:29 PM By Jessica Ellison Press Releases

Featuring redesigned flexible LED mats backed by a lifetime limited warranty, a smart Wireless DMX Dimmer, V-mount power, and the industry's most complete range of lightweight LED modifiers, Westcott’s Flex Cine System has been designed to meet the demands of modern filmmakers. New Fl...

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11/1/2018 12:28 PM By Jessica Ellison Press Releases

Make the Switch to Westcott’s new Switch light modifier series! These ingenious modifiers give photographers the ability to quickly interchange off-camera flashes while maintaining the original Rapid Box’s convenient collapsible design. The quick-release thumb-lock on these softboxes ...

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6/7/2018 12:53 PM By Jessica Ellison Press Releases

It’s time to travel lighter! Westcott has partnered with renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley to launch the HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag, the only weight bag with a refillable water reservoir. The H2Pro features a uniquely designed removable water reservoir that can be filled on-...

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4/2/2018 11:15 AM By Jessica Ellison Press Releases

The F. J. Westcott Company has announced the addition of Pamela Berry as their new Western United States Account Manager. Pamela Berry comes with a wealth of experience within the photography and filmmaking industry, having spent the past eight years as a freelance filmmaker, along wi...

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1/18/2018 5:00 PM By Jessica Ellison Press Releases

Westcott has released the latest light source in it’s impressive lineup of LED lighting. The Westcott Solix is a professional, hassle-free light designed with an array of versatile features for on-the-go filmmakers and photographers. The Solix emits up to 2100 lux (at 1m) of 5600K day...

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11/16/2017 2:59 PM By Jessica Ellison solix, Press Releases

Westcott’s flexible LED line, Flex, is now backed by an impressive lifetime limited warranty. This warranty, effective immediately, protects all Flex LED mats purchased within a year prior to today’s date and forward. Customers who purchase (or whom have purchased) any Flex LED mat fr...

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10/1/2017 3:09 PM By Jessica Ellison Flex, Press Releases

Photographers can now capture full-body photographs of their favorite subjects with new 5’ x 12’ X-Drop Sweeps. These convenient backdrops can be professionally mounted with the ultra-compact X-Drop Backdrop Frame for use in virtually any location. X-Drop Sweeps are designed with a un...

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8/11/2017 3:25 PM By Jessica Ellison X-Drop, Press Releases

The ​Omega Reflector 360 (40") combines the effects of a traditional reflector with the luxury of a ring flash effect, offering the ultimate in portrait lighting. This reflector instantly produces a main light and backlight with just a single light source (like the sun or a speedlite)...

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2/7/2017 12:34 PM By Team Westcott Media Release, Omega Reflector, Jerry Ghionis, Press Releases

MAUMEE, OH – January 1, 2017 Kelly Mondora, President and Chief Operating Officer of the F.J. Westcott Company, has announced her retirement after a remarkable 19 years of service.

"Kelly Mondora is a highly dedicated and passionate professional who has devoted her entire career to Wes...

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1/1/2017 10:08 AM By Team Westcott Press Releases

Westcott is proud to announce the Flex was officially awarded its patent in July 2016.

The Westcott Flex is the world’s first high-quality, flexible LED light source for photographers and filmmakers.

Westcott was approached by an engineering team with a design for a flexible LED mat. Af...

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7/21/2016 1:49 PM By Team Westcott Flex, Patent, Constant Lighting, Filmmaking, LED, Press Releases

Designed by world­-renowned photographer Joel Grimes, the 24" Rapid Box Beauty Dish is a collapsible, travel­-friendly softbox for beauty, fashion, and commercial photography.

This ultra­-portable beauty dish directs a soft, clean pattern of light. With a custom-­designed white interio...

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6/15/2016 2:30 PM By Team Westcott Press Releases

Now, Ice Light 2 Daylight LED (US/CA Plug) users have the ability to control their lighting from the palm of their hands!The new Westcott app connects wirelessly to any Ice Light 2 model via Bluetooth.

From the app, photographers and filmmakers can check battery life and increase/decre...

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4/12/2016 4:51 PM By Team Westcott Press Releases

Award-winning photographer and headshot master Peter Hurley is known for creating flattering high-key portraits with impeccable lighting. Now, Peter has partnered with Westcott to bring photographers around the world a portable, easy-to-use headshot lighting kit.

The Peter Hurley Flex...

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2/18/2016 9:57 AM By Team Westcott Constant Lighting, LED, Media Release, Flex, Press Releases

With roots dating back to 1899, the F.J. Westcott Co. is a leading innovator of photography and filmmaking lighting solutions for both professionals and enthusiasts. Westcott strives to consistently develop cutting-edge LED and continuous light sources, high-quality modifiers, and eas...

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6/4/2015 9:44 AM By Team Westcott Press Releases

Westcott is proud to introduce the Rapid Box Duo Octabox with Built-in Speedlite Mount (32"). This light modifier offers all the brilliant features of the current Rapid Box softboxes with the ability to mount up to two speedlites. The Rapid Box Duo features include a highly-reflectiv...

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11/17/2014 9:19 AM By Team Westcott Rapid Box Duo, Media Release, Press Releases

The Omega Reflector is the first of its kind designed to transform into an instant beauty dish for dramatic portrait photography lighting. This innovative light control system features a 2:3 removable center frame and 5 interchangeable surfaces. Like traditional 5-in-1 Westcott reflec...

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11/10/2014 9:17 AM By Team Westcott Media Release, Omega Reflector, Reflector, Press Releases

After making a major splash in Europe this year at both the IBC Video Conference and Photokina, Westcott Lighting is excited to announce the exclusive North American and Australian distribution of this new cutting­-edge LED technology.

Westcott Flex 1x1 Daylight Panel

The Westcott Flex™ is a pliable, dimmable, water­-...

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9/30/2014 9:15 AM By Team Westcott Constant Lighting, Flex, LED, Media Release, Press Releases

Westcott, an industry-leading innovator of photo and video lighting products, teamed up with photographer Larry Peters in early 2014 to pioneer a unique tool for portrait photography. The EyeLighter, designed by Peters, is the only curved reflector available on the market. This new pa...

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7/17/2014 9:13 AM By Team Westcott Eyelighter, Media Release, Reflector, Press Releases

Westcott is proud to announce the latest addition to their softbox line-up: The Zeppelin Deep Parabolic series. The new Zeppelin softbox series is an essential item for commercial, fashion, and portrait photographers. The Zeppelin is available in 35, 47, and 59 inch models, all featur...

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5/2/2014 4:11 PM By Team Westcott Zeppelin, Media Release, Press Releases
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