Westcott is proud to introduce the Basics D5 , the newest continuous light to enter the Westcott Basics line. The D5 offers five individual lamp sockets for up to five 50-watt fluorescent lamps. These sockets have a heavy-duty ceramic base and are UL and CE certified for safety.

The Basics D5’s compact housing is built with a lightweight nylon-based material providing extreme durability. Five switches on the back of the light head control each lamp. Each switch features an illuminating power indicator for easy power adjustment. An inline cord switch makes powering the light effortless when controls are not easily accessible.

The Basics D5 incorporates rod holes around the center perimeter that fit a variety of custom softboxes. These D5 modifiers are available in 24" x 32" Square, 32" Octagonal, and a 16" x 40" Strip version. In addition, an included umbrella receptacle is built into the tilter bracket allowing for use with both standard and parabolic umbrellas. A comfortable handle in conjunction with the built-in tilter bracket allows for easy positioning of the D5. This standard mount fits virtually all light stands.

The Basics D5 is available in cost-saving kits. These complete kits with modifiers simulate the natural look of window light and are simple to use. Simply point and shoot your light at the subject to instantly see lighting patterns. Adjust light intensity as needed with the five built-in switches and easily change lighting effects utilizing softboxes and umbrellas.