The Omega Reflector is the first of its kind designed to transform into an instant beauty dish for dramatic portrait photography lighting. This innovative light control system features a 2:3 removable center frame and 5 interchangeable surfaces. Like traditional 5-in-1 Westcott reflectors, these high-quality fabrics include a reflective white, reflective silver, reflective sunlight, black block, and 1-stop diffusion. All surface options can be used in the Omega’s full-surface or shoot-through form.

The Omega Reflector by Westcott

Using the Omega Reflector, photographers can combine the effect of a traditional reflector with the luxury of beauty dish and a ring flash. As a shoot-through, photographers can instantly produce a main light and backlight with a single light source without getting the reflector in the frame. The Omega can also be used to experiment with creative lighting techniques using the center frame to create beams of lighting for unique portraits.

BTS with Jerry Ghionis and the Omega Reflector

Jerry Ghionis - Omega

The Omega Reflector is the all-in-one answer for on-location light control. This unit folds down to ⅓ its open size and includes a sleek carry case with a durable shoulder strap for effortless travel.