Westcott, an industry-leading producer of photographic lighting equipment, recently released the ProGrip Speedlite Mount , an innovative new tool for off-camera speedlite use.

The ProGrip is uniquely designed to mount speedlites and radio triggers onto one hand-held, custom molded grip. This tool fits virtually all speedlites and modifiers, including the PocketBox, Westcott Apollo softboxes, umbrellas, and more. This new tool is also compatible with Westcott's Triple Threat, allowing for effortless, multiple speedlite lighting. Both cold shoes on this handle can be easily replaced for use with hot shoe flash systems. A nearly universally-sized umbrella rod hole allows for precise placement with sturdy tension knobs. The ProGrip can also be effortlessly transferred from in-hand to any standard light stand.

the new speedlite ProGrip handle

This tool is also available in both the Speedlite Pocketbox Kit and the Speedlite Umbrella Kit. The ProGrip Pocket Box Speedlite Modifier Kit includes the ProGrip handle and an 8" x 12" PocketBox, a small, portable softbox that can attach to practically all flashes.

The ProGrip Umbrella Speedlite Kit includes the ProGrip and the durable 43" White Collapsible Umbrella.

ProGrip Kits