The NAB Show, hosted annually in Las Vegas, is the largest broadcasting and filmmaking industry event. The team at Westcott was excited to exhibit at NAB 2015 and announce the expanded line of Flex LED mats as well as the new Scrim Jim Cine kits.

The Scrim Jim Cine is an upcoming line of modular framework components designed to give filmmakers the ultimate light control tools. Scrim Jim Cine tubes can create frames from 1′ x 1′ to 8′ x 8′ with a massive selection of fabrics available including grid cloths, diffusion silks, reflective bounces, nets, and blocks. Scrim Jim Cine components can be purchased separately or in complete Scrim Jim Cine kits.

Westcott has partnered with filmmaker and educator Jem Schofield (founder of theC47) to develop two distinct kits that solve many of the light control problems that cinematographers face.

TheC47 DP Kit includes a 4′ x 4′ Scrim Jim Cine frame, an innovative floppy cutter fabric, a 1-stop diffusion silk, a silver/white bounce, two mounting options, and a travel case. This entire system can collapse down to a mere 22″, allowing the DP Kit to fit into carry-on luggage.

TheC47 Book Light Kit includes two 4′ x 6′ frames, swing hinge connectors, an unbleached muslin/black block, a 3/4-stop diffusion silk, a 1/2-stop grid cloth, a silver/white bounce, and a travel case. This kit gives cinematographers the ability to create a beautiful interview or narrative light setup while being able to quickly adjust light specularity, softness, direction, and color temperature.

These two kits especially impressed visitors at NAB for their portability and innovation. TheC47 Book Light Kit and DP Kit received Newsshooter’s "Best Lighting Product of NAB 2015" award.