The NAB Show, hosted annually in Las Vegas, is the largest broadcasting and filmmaking industry event. The team at Westcott was excited to exhibit at NAB 2015 and announce the new Scrim Jim Cine and the expanded line of  Westcott Flex LED mats . Tony Reale, founder of Next Wave DV, stopped by the Westcott booth during NAB 2015 to interview the Westcott Team about the new Flex LED mats.

The  Westcott Flex was introduced earlier this year and quickly made a splash in the filmmaking industry thanks to its innovative, practical design. The Westcott Flex LED is a bendable, pliable LED mat with an impressive light output and quality. The 1 x 1 models, which are available now, come in daylight and bi-color versions and weigh a mere 7 ounces, and are rainproof with an IP 64 rating.

First shown at NAB, Westcott has announced three additional sizes, including 10" x 3", 1' x 2', 1' x 3', and 2' x 2' Flex LED mats. These mats feature all of the same innovations as the available 1' x 1' models, with the added ability to be mounted with the new Scrim Jim Cine system. A bi-color 1' x 1' mat and a D-tap battery option were also shown during the expo.