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Lighting Accessories

Keep your gear protected, running, and positioned properly with lighting accessories.

Light Control Mounts and Clamps

Mounts & Clamps

High-quality grip equipment, speedrings, and innovative mounting solutions for precisely positioning your favorite lighting equipment.

Batteries & Cables

Our current portable power solutions for operating our LED lighting fixtures in locations where power isn’t readily available.

Batteries and Cables
Storage Cases

Cases & Storage

From heavy-duty carry cases to customized wheeled luggage, we’ve got your ideal solution for protecting and traveling with your gear.

Lamps & Tubes

These custom-designed fluorescents, modeling lamps, and halogen bulbs feature high-CRI ratings and precise color temperatures.

Light bulbs, compact fluorescents, LEDs and more
Light Stands and Mounting Arms

Stands & Arms

Whether you are positioning a lightweight reflector or a mounting a bulky light head, we have a quality stand to fit your studio needs.