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Single diffusion and reversible bounce reflectors in Pro or Basics options.

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Photo: ©Lindsay Adler

The Most Travel-Friendly Lighting Tool

A Size for Every Subject

From macro photography to group portraits, from photographing cars to capturing headshots - size means everything when selecting a reflector.

Pocket-sized, small reflector


Pocket size for small areas.

Portrait headshot reflector


Ideal for headshots and small objects.

Mid-sized portrait reflector


For portraits and small/mid-sized objects.

Reflector for small groups


Easily handheld, yet large enough for couples.

Three-quarter length portrait reflector


For ¾ length and small groups.

Group portrait reflector


Families, fashion, full-length portraits, and large objects.

Lifetime Warranties

Pro Series Reflectors feature the highest quality reflective fabrics, diffusion silks, and blocks available. Fabrics are double-laminated and frames are steel-riveted. Their unique square shape of these reflectors provides more surface area and ensures that your reflectors don’t roll away during a shoot. For even more assurance, Illuminator reflectors are warranted for life.

Quality Fabrics
Steel-Riveted Frames

Cost-Effective Options

Westcott Basics 5-in-1 Reflectors are the everyday reflector for the cost-conscious photographer. With a traditional design and highly-reflective fabrics, these reflectors are ready to take on whatever lighting you encounter.

Westcott Basics Reflector Discs

In my brief time with the Omega Reflector, I've realized that it will be my new desert island lighting tool - the one thing I would take with me if I could only take one thing.

Kevin Kubota, Westcott Top Pro Photographer

on the Omega Reflector

“With the interesting catch lights that the Omega can produce, it's certainly a must-have in any portrait/ wedding photographer's field kit.”

Arthur Ward on the Omega Reflector

F-Stoppers Testimonial

“It's a slam-dunk to create gorgeous headshots that should look much better than whatever you’re currently taking.”

Joe Farace on the Eyelighter

Shutterbug Testimonial

“One of the most useful pieces of equipment, and also one of the cheapest, is a 5-in-1 Reflector. It's an extremely well-made product and very affordable.”

Terry Smith on the 5-in-1 Reflector

Terry Smith Testimonial