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Daylight fluorescent lighting system for photo or video

D5 fluorescent light fixture for photography and video

Compact Continuous Fluorescent Lighting

The latest addition to the Westcott Basics lineup, the Basics D5 is a compact fluorescent lighting solution that won’t break the bank.

Exclusive D5 Light Modifiers

To direct and control the output of the Basics D5, select your choice of custom-designed D5 modifiers, including 24x32-inch rectangular softbox, a 16x40-inch strip softbox, and a 32-inch octabox.

D5 softbox light modifiers square, octabox, strip softbox
Complete D5 photo and video fluorescent lighting kit

Complete Lighting Kits

Turn your studio into a professional space with affordable 2-light and 3-light D5 kits. And for an instant videography studio, upgrade to the Video Blogging Kit which includes D5s, modifiers, and the X-Drop Backdrop system.

Refillable water weight bag for photography and filmmaking with removable water reservoir

The first weight bag with a refillable water reservoir that allows you to avoid traveling with heavy sandbags.

The H2Pro Weight Bag features a uniquely designed removable and refillable water reservoir that can be filled on-location. This gives photographers and filmmakers the ability to avoid both traveling with heavy weight bags and spending money on sand or lead shot.

Counterbalance refillable weight bag for photography and filmmaking

Counterbalance or center weight for arms and stands

Removable and refillable water reservoir for weight bag

Refillable water reservoir minimizes weight for travel

Refillable weight bag water reservoir lid

Durable water reservoir with large, easy-close lid

Weight bags for photography and filmmaking equipment connected together with full-length zipper

Full-length side zipper connects two H2Pro weight bags

Light stand weight bag for photography and video with durable fabric straps

Heavy-duty fabric straps equipped for easy mounting

Refillable weight bag with side handle

Convenient side handle for easy transport