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Daylight fluorescent lighting system for photo or video


D5 5-Socket Light

D5 fluorescent light fixture for photography and video

Compact Continuous Fluorescent Lighting

The latest addition to the Westcott Basics lineup, the Basics D5 is a compact fluorescent lighting solution that won’t break the bank.

Exclusive D5 Light Modifiers

To direct and control the output of the Basics D5, select your choice of custom-designed D5 modifiers, including 24x32-inch rectangular softbox, a 16x40-inch strip softbox, and a 32-inch octabox.

D5 softbox light modifiers square, octabox, strip softbox
Complete D5 photo and video fluorescent lighting kit

Complete Lighting Kits

Turn your studio into a professional space with affordable 2-light and 3-light D5 kits. And for an instant videography studio, upgrade to the Video Blogging Kit which includes D5s, modifiers, and the X-Drop Backdrop system.