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Dimmer & Power

Flex Cine Dimmer & Power

We paid attention to the details. The industry's first smart wireless DMX dimmer for flexible LEDs with AC and DC power options for streamlined use on any production.

Flex Cine AC Adapter for Wireless DMX Dimmer



Dual Charger for 26V Battery



Single Charger for 26V Battery



Flex Cine Dimmer Adapter for Original Flex Mats



The First Smart Dimmer for All Flex LED Mats

Designed in partnership with the experts at Ratpac/Innovative Dimmers, the Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer is able to sense and operate all sizes of Flex Cine LED mats, including RGBW, bi-color, and daylight. It's also compatible with original 1’ x 1’ to 2’ x 2' Flex LED mats with an optional adapter. Constructed with a heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum enclosure with built-in V-mount that accepts AC or DC power.

Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer

Choose Between Wireless or Wired DMX

The industry's first dimmer for flexible LEDs that's designed with DMX512 Input/Output 5-Pin Male/Female XLR and wireless DMX capability for controlling one or multiple dimmers via WiFi Host/Client Mode. When operating DMX over Art-Net, the dimmer is compatible with mobile apps including Luminair that offer advanced lighting effects and controls.

Luminair compatible

Control Modes and Presets

When utilizing the dimmer's on-board controls, users have access to a dynamic range of tools that control color and intensity, including 120+ pre-loaded color gel presets with daylight or tungsten backing, source-matching presets, user-defined presets, CCT controls, and more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

This dimmer is equipped with Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation that allows Flex LED mats to be dimmed down to 1% while maintaining a flicker-free output up to 960 frames per second. Mat Sensing Technology detects which Flex LED mat is connected, specifies the required voltage, and customizes the available dimmer controls. A built-in USB port allows for future firmware updates.

One AC Power Source for All Mats

No more hunting for the right power brick. This V-mount AC adapter is designed to power any size Flex Cine LED mat that's paired with a Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer. Offering up to 240 watts of power, this AC unit is designed to work with the dimmer’s sensing technology to adjust wattage based upon the mat connected.

Flex Cine AC Power Brick
26V V-Mount Battery

26V V-Mount Battery

With an industry-standard V-mount, the 26V Lithium-Ion Battery pairs with a Flex Cine Dimmer to provide portable power for all Flex Cine mats. Offering up to 3 hours of runtime, the compact 2 lb. battery packs a punch for prolonged lighting in virtually any location.

Portable Power

With an industry-standard V-mount, these 26V lithium-ion batteries provide a simple and portable power solution for all Flex Cine LED users. Offering up to 3 hours of runtime, these compact 2 lb. batteries pack a punch for prolonged lighting in virtually any location. With a 150Wh capacity, batteries can be transported in carry-on luggage on most major airlines for streamlined travel. The dual-charger is capable of fully-charging two 26V V-mount batteries in tandem in approximately 75 minutes.

26V V-Mount Battery and Charger