L Series LED Lights

L Series LED Lights

Delivering exceptional value, these ultra-compact bi-color COBs feature durable metal housings, reliable color, and powerful performance in intuitive, portable designs. Perfect for lighting interviews, product shoots, and other productions.



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#4940 - L120-B Bi-Color COB LED L120-B Bi-Color COB LED packed in case
L120-B Bi-Color COB LED (120W)
Sale priceRs. 22,100.00
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L60-B Bi-Color COB LED (60W)L60-B Bi-Color COB LED (60W)
L60-B Bi-Color COB LED (60W)
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Introducing the


L-Series LED Video Lights on SetL-Series LED Video Lights on Set

L Series LEDs 

Portable Design. Powerful Performance. 

The L Series features L120-B and L60-B bi-color COB LEDs with durable metal housing, delivering exceptionally bright output with high color accuracy in an ultra-compact form factor. With AC and battery power options, app control, and versatile light modifiers, you have complete creative control for professional studio lighting anywhere.

L120-B LED Video Light


High-Performance Portable LED 

With 120W of power, the L120-B outputs 23,900 lux at 1m using its ultra reflector, achieving high color ratings of 98 CRI, 99 TLCI, and 92 SSI.

L60-B COB for Photo and Video Shown Held in Palm of HandL60-B COB for Photo and Video Shown Held in Palm of Hand


Go Anywhere with the Smallest 60W COB

At 20% smaller than other 60W bi-color COB LEDs, the L60-B emits extraordinary output for its size with up to 15,000 lux at 1 meter with its ultra reflector. It provides reliable, high color accuracy at 97 CRI, 98 TLCI, and 88 SSI.

L Series

Portable LED Lighting Kits

A variety of compact LED kits are available with versatile Rapid Box Switch Octa-S softboxes, batteries, and a backpack with large storage compartments for easy travel.

L120-B LED Powered by M95 Battery on SetL120-B LED Powered by M95 Battery on Set

L120-B Accessories

Power Solutions & Versatile Light Modifiers 

Easily extend the L120-B's capabilities with D-Tap battery power, mounting accessories, and versatile Bowens mount light modifiers, including portable Rapid Box Switch softboxes, reflectors, and umbrellas, for complete lighting control in any location.

L60-B Accessories

Enhance L60-B Video Lights on Set  

Elevate the versatility of the L60-B with the handheld NP-F Battery Grip, allowing up to 2 hours of run time at 100% brightness or 4.5 hours at 50%. Explore additional battery options, light-shaping tools, and mounting accessories for perfect run-and-gun filmmaking, dynamic lighting effects, and more.

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