Cases & Storage

Cases & Storage

From heavy-duty wheeled cases to lightweight backpacks, we’ve got your ideal solution for protecting and traveling with your lighting gear



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Background Storage BagBackground Storage Bag
Background Storage Bag
Sale price$19.90
4999 - Compact Carry CaseCompact Soft Sided 2-Light Carry Case
Top Seller
Wheeled Gear CaseWheeled Gear Case
Wheeled Gear Case
Sale price$199.90
6870 -LampGuard CaseLampGuard Case for LED or Fluorescent Bulbs
FJ400 Carry Case ClosedMedium Gear Case
Medium Gear Case
Sale price$49.90
Apollo and Halo Gear BagSoft Sided Gear Bag for Apollo & Halo
Scrim Jim Carry CaseScrim Jim Carry Case
Scrim Jim Carry Case
Sale price$49.90
7570 - Lite Traveler BackpackLite Traveler Backpack
Lite Traveler Backpack
Sale price$139.90
Scrim Jim Deluxe Wheeled CaseScrim Jim Deluxe Wheeled Case
Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 2')Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 2')
Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 2')
Sale price$109.90
X-Drop Pro 3-Pack Backdrop CaseX-Drop Pro 3-Pack Backdrop Case
Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 1')Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 1')
Scrim Jim Cine Folding Travel CaseScrim Jim Cine Folding Travel Case
7427 - Flex Cine Rugged Wheeled Travel Case (Closed)Flex Cine Waterproof Hard Case
Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 3')Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 3')
Flex Cine Gear Bag (1' x 3')
Sale price$119.90
#4744 - FJ200 Gear CaseFJ200 Gear Case
FJ200 Gear Case
Sale price$49.90

Maximize Your Space 

Photo Studio Organization, Simplified  

Is clutter in your studio disrupting your creative flow? Lindsay Adler's Float Wall Mount System is your studio organization solution. This customizable photo and video lighting storage system keeps your gear organized and off the ground, allowing you to rediscover the joy of a distraction-free studio where your creativity can shine.

The Secret to Float Wall Mounts

Discover the versatility of the Float Base, allowing you to switch your mounts as your storage needs change.

Photo & Video Studio Storage

Wall Mount Options

Mounting Arm with Adaptable Base

Elegantly display your strobes, constant lights, backpacks, weight bags, cords, and other photo equipment.

Speedring Kit with Adaptable Base

Showcase your light modifiers with a wall-mounted Float Base and effortlessly change your mounts as needed.

Speedring for Fixed Wall Mounting

Enjoy convenient storage for your softboxes, reflectors, and other light modifiers directly on the wall.

Lighting & Backdrop Storage

Travel Cases

Protect and transport your lighting gear and backdrops effortlessly with our selection of reliable cases and backpacks, designed for photographers on the go and in the studio.

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