stadium style sports portrait using pro light modsstadium style sports portrait using pro light mods

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Pro Light Mods

Get ready to elevate your photography game like never before! Transform your softboxes into dramatic Hollywood light banks or stadium lights for stunning photos and videos.

fj400 strobe in rapid box switch octa-s softbox for portrait on sandy beach

Portable Flash & Studio Strobe

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flex led mat with built-in magnets used as practical lamp light for video on-location

Flexible LED Panels

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l60-b cob led with rapid box switch otca-s softbox for video in kitchen with food

Video & Photo Lighting Kits

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fj400 strobe with manny ortiz beauty dish for outdoor on-loaction portrait

Portable Softboxes

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fj400 strobe with large scrim jim cine diffusion panel for in studio portrait

Scrims & Reflectors

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white 8' x 13' x-drop pro sweep for in-studio full-length portrait

Backdrops Kits

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close up portrait showing curved catchlight from eyelighter 3 reflector. Model: Meredith VanCuykclose up portrait showing curved catchlight from eyelighter 3 reflector. Model: Meredith VanCuyk

Eyelighter 3

Premiere Photography Reflector

Create beautiful clamshell lighting with a single light source. Ideal for portraits and headshots, the Eyelighter's arc-shaped design matches the natural curve of the human eye, resulting in a seamless catchlight without unflattering shapes or gaps.

Video & Photo Backgrounds for Portraits, Products, and More

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interacting with subject during in-studio portrait photshoot

The Westcott Difference

Capture your full potential through the power of light

Based in Northwest Ohio, we have made it our mission to design and manufacture premium lighting tools for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators. Whether it's capturing your next client's wedding photography or publishing your next YouTube video, our lighting equipment and backdrop systems will help empower you to capture your full potential.

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Free Lighting Video Tips

Go Behind the Shoot

mimicking golden hour for an outdoor portrait using lighting

How to Mimic Any Time of Day with Portable Flash

In this video, photographer Ashley Boring discusses how she uses the FJ400 Strobe to recreate the lighting from different times of day on location.

lighting videos with different modifiers

How to Light Your Videos | Lighting 101

Watch videographer Jacob Schoonover break down how to choose modifiers for your video lighting.

in-studio commercial portrait using 3-light setup

3-Point Studio Lighting for Bold Commercial Portrait Photography

Got behind the scenes with commercial and fashion photographer Ian Spanier to see his step-by-step lighting process for bold portraits.

outdoor couples portrait with flash in salt flats

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