Apollo and Halo Softboxes

Apollo and Halo Softboxes

Hybrid light modifiers for quick setup and umbrella-style mounting with softbox-quality output



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40-Degree Grid for 43 inch Apollo OrbApollo Orb Octabox with 40-Degree Grid (43")
40-Degree Grid for 28 inch Apollo (w/ Removable Diffusion Panel)Medium Apollo Softbox with 40-Degree Grid (28")
2366 - Westcott Apollo Strip Softbox with Grid (12” x 36”)Apollo Strip Softbox with 40-Degree Grid (12" x 36")
Mega JS Apollo Softbox (50")Mega JS Apollo Softbox (50")
Mega JS Apollo Softbox (50")
Sale price$129.90
Halo Softbox (45")Halo Softbox (45")
Halo Softbox (45")
Sale price$99.90
Halo Mono Softbox (45")Halo Mono Softbox (45")
Halo Mono Softbox (45")
Sale price$99.90
Micro ApolloMicro Apollo (5" x 8")
Micro Apollo (5" x 8")
Sale price$29.90
Portrait Using Apollo Strip Softboxes with Grids

Apollo Softboxes

History of the Westcott Apollo

Meet the Original Umbrella-Style Softboxes

After nearly 100 years in manufacturing umbrellas, our founder recognized the photography industry's need for professional and easy-to-use modifiers. Developed over 25 years ago, the patented Apollo and Halo series remain the most popular softboxes in our impressive line of light modifiers.

What Best Fits Your Style?

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Choose the Halo or Apollo that best fits your style, subject, light source, and studio. With 4 modifier shape options in sizes ranging from 28-inch to 50-inch, there is bound to be an umbrella-style softbox perfect for you.

Studio Portrait Using Apollo Orb

43" Apollo Orb

Octagonal modifier is an ideal key light for portraits

Outdoor Couple Portrait Using Medium Apollo

28" Medium Apollo

Versatile modifier is an ideal key or hair light for portraits

Indoor Portrait Using Apollo Strips with Grids

12" x 36" Apollo Strip

Narrow 12" x 36" softbox is an ideal rim, accent, or hair light

On-Location Portrait of Bride Using Mega JS Apollo

50" Mega JS Apollo

Creates a large light source for groups and full-length portraits

Studio Portrait Using Apollo Orb and X-Drop Backdrop

Apollo Kits

Versatile modifier kits including softbox, mounting bracket, and light stand.


With an 180-degree of light spread, Halo softboxes are an ideal modifier for photographing single portraits or groups.

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