FJ80 Speedlight Accessories

FJ80 Speedlight Accessories

Pair your FJ80 speedlight with these light shaping tools, light modifiers, and mounting options to get the most out of your wireless flash.



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4755 - FJ80 Creative PackFJ80 Creative Pack
FJ80 Creative Pack
Sale price$79.90
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fj80 II batteryFJ80 II Lithium-Polymer Battery
#4746 - Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for FJ200 and FJ80Snoot with Honeycomb Grid (FJ200, FJ80, L60-B)
#4757 - Diffusion Dome for FJ200 and FJ80Diffusion Dome for FJ200, FJ80, L60-B
FJ80 Magnetic Grid & Gel PackFJ80 Magnetic Grid & Gel Pack
FJ80 II Battery Charger and CordFJ80 II Battery Charger and Cord
FJ80 Battery Charger and CordFJ80 Battery Charger and Cord
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#2543 - Quick-Mount S-BracketQuick-Mount S-Bracket
Quick-Mount S-Bracket
Sale price$34.90
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M6 Multi-Mount Tripod PlateM6 Multi-Mount Tripod Plate
M6 Multi-Mount Tripod Plate
Sale price$24.90
#4748 - 5" Reflector for FJ200 and FJ8070-Degree Reflector for FJ200, FJ80, L60-B
FJ80 Lithium Polymer BatteryFJ80 Lithium Polymer Battery
Rapid Box Switch Insert for Westcott FJ80/FJ80 II Speedlights (Profoto A1, A1X, A10, Godox V1)Rapid Box Switch Insert for Westcott FJ80/FJ80 II Speedlights (Profoto A1, A1X, A10, Godox V1)
on-location portrait using single fj400 strobe


The FJ Wireless Flash System

Unrivaled Performance. Revolutionary Compatibility.

FJ Wireless Portable Flash Lighting

FJ400 Strobe LCD Display

Never Miss a Shot Again

The FJ400 is the first portable 400Ws AC/DC strobe with less than 1 second recycle time at full power that offers 480+ full-power flashes per charge and unrivaled color consistency across its entire 9-stop output range. Includes a free Rapid Box Switch light mount insert.

FJ200 Portable Strobe

Intelligently Designed for Superior Light Output

Made for photographers that need a portable flash without sacrificing power, the FJ200 features an industry-leading 0.05 to 1.3s recycle time and fits in the palm of your hand. Like the FJ400, this battery-powered 200Ws round head strobe has an extended flash tube to provide superior light output and a more even light spread for filling light modifiers compared to traditional flashes.

FJ80 Portable Touchscreen Speedlight for Photography

Navigating a Speedlight Menu System Has Never Been Easier

The FJ80 II is the only round head touchscreen 80Ws speedlight with an integrated radio transceiver for controlling the FJ Wireless Flash System and Canon RT devices. Use on-camera as both a speedlight and transmitter or position anywhere off-camera.

FJ Wireless Portable Flashes and Wireless Triggers for Photography Mounted on Various Camera Brands

Say Goodbye to Brand-Specific Triggers

FJ-X3 Wireless Triggers and FJ80 II Touchscreen Speedlights are available in two options to trigger FJ flashes. Choose a Universal mount for pairing with virtually any camera brand or Sony camera mount.

FJ Wireless Portable Flashes and Strobes for Photography Lighting

The Most Accurate Color Temperature Across all Flashes

All FJ Wireless Flash System lights work seamlessly with each other over a 2.4GHz wireless system and offer unrivaled 5500K color temperature stability, so all of your photos will have consistent color when using any combination of strobes.

FJ Wireless Portable Flashes and Strobe Lighting Displays

TTL, High Speed Sync, Freeze Sync, and More

With an intuitive menu system and LCD color displays, all FJ flashes feature Manual and TTL Flash Modes, High Speed Sync up to 1/8000s, various Sync modes, Continuous Capture up to 20 frames per second, Automatic Memory Recall, group and channel assignment, Group Exposure Compensation, and much more.

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