Backdrop Supports & Storage

Backdrop Supports & Storage

Mount and store your backdrops with ease



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X-Drop Pro 3-Pack Backdrop CaseX-Drop Pro 3-Pack Backdrop Case
X-Drop Pro 3-Pack Backdrop Case
Sale price$49.90
Background Storage BagBackground Storage Bag
Background Storage Bag
Sale price$19.90
X-Drop Backdrop Stand (5' x 7')X-Drop Backdrop Stand (5' x 7')
X-Drop Backdrop Stand (5' x 7')
Sale price$99.90
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x-drop pro frameX-Drop Pro Backdrop Stand (8' and 5' Wide)
Background Support System (10.5' width)Background Support System (10.5' width)
Light Stand Clip for Collapsible BackdropsLight Stand Clip for Collapsible Backdrops
HurleyPro H2Pro Weight BagHurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag
HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag
Sale price$44.90
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HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag (2-Pack)HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag (2-Pack)
HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag (6-Pack)HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bag (6-Pack)
Removable Wall Hooks
Removable Wall Hooks
Sale price$4.90

Backdrop Material Options

More cost effective and eco-friendly than paper backgrounds, Westcott backdrops offer portability and durability for frequent up-and-down use. Each includes grommets for mounting to various backdrop support systems or with wall hooks.

closeup of wrinkle-resistant fabric backdrop material

Wrinkle-Resistant Solid Color Backdrops

Wrinkle-resistant, washable, and reflection-free material pulls taut for a smooth and seamless look. These backdrops can be folded for transport and storage. Each has built-in grommets for mounting. Backdrops 5x12' and larger include a pole pocket.

closeup of printed fabric backdrop material

Printed Fabric Backdrops

Available in 8x8' and 5x7' sizes, fabric printed backgrounds print with rich, high-contrast colors. The soft, non-reflective, and machine washable material is fitted with 5 metal grommets for quick setup on an X-Drop Pro or X-Drop Stand.

closeup of canvas backdrop material

Lightweight Canvas Backdrops

Closely resembling the feel of a classic painted backdrop, seamless canvas backgrounds have a non-reflective matte finish that's durable and tear-resistant. Each ships in a travel-friendly storage tube and rolls out flat with no steaming required.

closeup of matte vinyl fabric backdrops

Matte Vinyl Backdrops

Matte vinyl photo backgrounds are tear-resistant and durable to be used as a backdrop or floordrop. The heavy-duty material makes it ideal for photographing food, pets, and children. Each ships in a storage tube and rolls out flat for use.

Backdrop Support Systems

collapsible backdrop clip

Collapsible Backdrop Clip

This clip quickly mounts collapsible backdrops and reflectors to a stand. Designed to work with any pop-up background or collapsible reflector.

x-drop backdrop stand


This 3.6 lb aluminum backdrop stand is the lightest available on the market. It sets up in under 2 minutes and supports 5x7' and 5x12' X-Drop backdrops. The backdrop frame is adjustable to 20" depth for placement in tight spaces.

x-drop pro backdrop stand

X-Drop Pro

This portable backdrop stand features a heavy-duty frame that supports 8' X-Drop Pro and 5' X-Drop backgrounds. It can be assembled by one person in minutes, is adjustable in depth for tight spaces, and collapses to fit in the trunk of your car.

backdrop support system

Backdrop Support System

Securely mount your favorite backdrops with ease, regardless of their size. This background system extends up to 10’ tall with an adjustable width from 7’ to 10.5'. It has a 40 lb max load and features air cushioned support.

Backdrop Sizes

We are proud to offer a wide range of backdrop sizes for all types of photography and video, including portraits, headshots, product photos, chroma-key video, interviews, video conferencing, and more.

Studio Portrait Using 5' x 7' Scarlet Red X-Drop Backdrop

5' x 7' Backdrops

Suitable for capturing headshots and video conferencing.

Studio Full-Length Portrait Using 5' x 12' X-Drop Sweep Backdrop

5' x 12' Backdrops

These sweeping backdrops are ideal for full-length portraits and product photos.

Studio Portrait of Musician Using 8' x 8' X-Drop Pro Backdrop

8' x 8' Backdrops

Suitable for capturing horizontal and small group portraits.

Studio Portrait of Cheerleaders Using 8' x 13' X-Drop Pro Sweep Backdrop

8' x 13' Backdrops

Suitable for capturing small groups and full-length portraits

Studio Portrait for Composite Using 9' x 10' Wrinkle-Resistant Green Screen Backdrop

9' x 10' Backdrops

Suitable for capturing large group portraits.

Studio Family Portrait Using 9' x 20' Wrinkle-Resistant Black Backdrop

9 x 20' Backdrops

These large, sweeping backdrops are ideal for capturing large groups and full-body portraits.

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