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Solix LED for photography and video lighting

Solix LED

This powerful daylight LED monolight features an array of convenient features. The Solix has an integrated rotatable speedring for attaching traditional softboxes, umbrella mount, magnetic front, and more. Solix operates on AC/DC power and can be paired with a D-tap battery.

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Flex LED Mats

Meet the industry’s most versatile and convenient light source for photographers and filmmakers. Flex LED mats are lightweight, pliable, and water-resistant. Flexible LED mats are available in daylight or bi-color in sizes ranging from 10x3" to 2x2'.

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Flex LED mat attached on film set inside a bus
Photo Courtesy of Derek Reich
Ice Light 2
Photo: ©Jerry Ghionis

Ice Light 2

The Ice Light offers ultra-portable, beautifully-balanced continuous daylight lighting for on-the-go photographers and filmmakers.

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Powerful, high-end LED technology meets traditional light modification. The Skylux emits a pristine 5600K daylight-balanced constant output and quickly mounts to any traditional modifier.

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Emily Soto fashion photo shoot using Skylux LED monolight with Rapid Box XXL octagonal softbox
Photo: ©Emily Soto
LED Umbrella Continuous Light Kit

Easy-to-Use LED Lighting

This complete LED lighting kit is a must-have for any studio or location photographer. These continuous 35-watt LED lamps are daylight balanced and produce beautiful lighting for portraits, product photography, and video.

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