uLite Accessories

uLite Accessories

Light modifiers and bulbs for uLite continuous lights



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4999 - Compact Carry CaseCompact Soft Sided 2-Light Carry Case
Daylight LED Corn Bulbs (23-watt, 6-pack)Daylight LED Corn Bulbs (23-watt, 6-pack)
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4-Socket Fluorescent Bulb Adapter4-Socket Fluorescent Bulb Adapter
4-Socket Fluorescent Bulb Adapter
Sale price$9.45 Regular price$14.90
#345 - Daylight Dimmable LED Bulb with Tungsten Cap (45W)Daylight Dimmable LED Bulb with Tungsten Cap (45W)
3348 - 45W Daylight Dimmable LED Bulb, Tungsten Gel Cap, and Remote45W Daylight Dimmable LED Bulb with Tungsten Gel Cap and Remote
415 - 6 inch Reflector for uLiteuLite Reflector (6")
uLite Reflector (6")
Sale price$2.99
Daylight LED Corn Bulb (23-Watt)Daylight LED Corn Bulb (23-Watt)
#349 - Dimmable LED Bulb Kit (4-Pack, 45W)Dimmable LED Bulb Kit (4-Pack, 45W)
#346 - Dimmer Remote for 45W LED BulbDimmer Remote for 45W LED Bulb
L60-B 45° Ultra Reflector
L60-B 45° Ultra Reflector
Sale price$29.90
Opening uLite SoftboxOpening uLite Softbox

Compact, Yet Powerful Constant Light Head

This compact constant light packs 500 maximum watts. The tilting bracket allows for exact positioning. Fits onto any standard light stand.

Portrait In Studio Using uLite and X-Drop 5' x 12' Sweep BackdropPortrait In Studio Using uLite and X-Drop 5' x 12' Sweep Backdrop

Continuous Lighting Kits

Just starting out with studio lighting? These compact constant lighting kits are easy to use and effective tools to begin taking your photos to the next level.

LED Bulb in uLite Softbox

LED Bulbs for Photography

Westcott LED lamps are engineered to exacting standards to ensure the highest quality light and longevity.

Unlike strobe lights and flashes, constant light sources allow you to see the effects of their light placement before you shoot. This allows for the easiest, most precise photo shoot preparation.

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