Accidental Damage Protection

Accidental Damage Protection provides protection (i.e., repair or replacement) against accidental damage to the customer’s covered product that occurs during the covered period. Accidental damage refers to the accidental physical breakage or failure of your covered equipment, due to an unforeseen and unintentional event, that affects its functionality.

Accidental Damage Protection does not cover events including, but not limited to, theft, loss, damage caused by fire, power surges, vehicle accidents, or acts of nature, normal wear and tear, consumables, or abuse and misuse.

Manufacturing defects are not covered by this accidental damage protection but are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty separately.

Problem Diagnosis and Support

When making an accidental damage claim, the customer must submit a repair or replacement claim for your Westcott product, complete the online return form. A receipt/order confirmation is required for warranty care. Provided that the damage was caused by a covered event, Westcott will provide the customer with basic technical assistance.

The Customer may be asked to provide any necessary information and to cooperate by attempting to resolve problems remotely, executing self-tests or diagnostic programs, and performing basic remedial activities.

If Westcott determines that the problem cannot be resolved remotely, Westcott will direct the Customer to return the defective covered equipment to a Westcott authorized repair center and will provide technical repair support.

Repair or Replacement

The customer’s covered equipment will either be repaired using parts that are new or functionally equivalent to new in performance; replaced with a Westcott product that is new or functionally equivalent to new in performance; or, in the case where there is not a Westcott product that matches the covered equipment, Westcott will provide the customer with a Westcott product that is at least functionally equivalent to the original covered equipment not exceeding the product value of the original item, as indicated by the customer’s proof of purchase.

Shipping Details

Should shipping to Westcott be necessary, suitable arrangements will be proposed based on the customer's location and the warranty level associated with the product.


Accidental Damage Protection covers the Westcott product identified by the serial number shown on the Customer’s account, including all accessories provided with Westcott products under the same serial numbers.

Not covered under this service are items such as, but not limited to:

  • External accessories not provided with the main Westcott product under the applicable serial number
  • Consumable items including, but not limited to, removable media, customer-replaceable batteries, flash tubes, maintenance items, and other supplies
  • Non-Westcott products
  • Accessories purchased in addition to the base unit
  • Any product previously serviced or repaired by anyone other than Westcott staff


The covered equipment must be either covered by the Westcott Warranty provided with your Westcott product or a warranty extension service with a coverage duration equal to or longer than the Accidental Damage Protection policy.

Accidental Damage Protection must be purchased concurrently with the purchase of the covered Westcott product. The Customer may be required to provide proof of purchase before any services are provided for the equipment covered under the Accidental Damage Protection policy.

Customer Responsibilities

To receive full protection under the Accidental Damage Protection policy, the Customer shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the covered equipment against an insured event and shall use and maintain the covered equipment in accordance with Westcott’s instructions.

In addition, when making a claim under the Accidental Damage Protection policy, the Customer must comply with all the requirements set out in the terms of the agreement.

Territorial Limits

Accidental Damage Protection covers insured events occurring anywhere in the world. A Westcott product can only be repaired by Westcott and delivered within the United States.

For More Information or to File a Claim

To submit a repair or replacement claim for your Westcott product, complete the online return form. Your receipt or order confirmation is required for warranty care.

Westcott Accidental Damage Protection covers your applicable equipment during the policy period for repair or replacement of your Westcott products in the event of accidental breakage or damage.

What is Covered?

  • Accidental damage to your Westcott electronics
  • If accidentally damaged, we will repair or replace your Westcott electronics during the coverage period with the same or similar specifications as the original products
  • The insured sum is the value of Westcott electronics

What is NOT Covered?

  • Loss, theft and misuse
  • Wear, tear and cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality or performance of the electronics
  • Failure due to defects in design, materials or workmanship
  • Repair of Westcott peripheral devices and accessories which are not built in or part of the base unit (e.g., out of warranty batteries, brackets, mountings, etc.)
  • Service or repair performed by anyone who is not employed by Westcott
  • This policy does not cover any loss or damage to stored data or photos, external accessories, third-party devices, and including without limitation custom factory integration items

What Are the Restrictions on Coverage?

  • A maximum of 1 claim for accidental damage can be made per year during the coverage period
  • After the claim is settled, coverage for accidental damage does not apply for 12 months
  • Coverage is only available to businesses or residents of the United States aged 18 or over
  • Accidental Damage coverage only applies to the original purchaser of the warranty and cannot be transferred

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